June 08 2020
To: Mayor James “Jim” Kenney
Cc: City Council

To Mayor Kenney and City Council members:

We write this letter on behalf of the arts and culture leaders of your city.

The Youth Arts and Self-Empowerment Project trains young adults with criminal justice histories to become arts leaders. YASP has a simple thought exercise in their curriculum that I’d like to share:

Close your eyes. Imagine the word “safety.” What does it look like?

I doubt if anyone pictures a squadron of police officers in riot gear advancing on you and your neighbors. I doubt if anyone pictures helicopters and national guard tanks encroaching on your community. I doubt if anyone pictures a prison cell. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo and thousands of other Black people, did not feel safe when they saw the police approaching them.

Today we are bearing witness to just one punctuation of the movement for Black lives. The police state is a system that was built to end Black lives after four centuries of enslaving them. But it was built, which means it can be dismantled. All of the obstacles to our collective and complete humanity, must be torn apart.

As arts leaders, it is incumbent upon us to find ways to be in service to the communities that we are part of. That is especially true of our Black constituents. We want to paint a picture of safety, not terror. We have called upon all arts and culture leaders in Philadelphia to add their signatures of support and commit to their institutions divesting from the police.

In early May, we objected to your proposed city budget for the fiscal 2021 year, which reserved an irrational, continued investment in the police, under the auspices of “safety.” Police violence against Black people historically and against peaceful protesters this past week specifically have revealed the extent to which the city’s police are over-militarized, violent and dangerous; how the people of Philadelphia are increasingly united in their disapproval of how the police operate; and how the timing of these budget hearings--during which organizations throughout the city and in different sectors are being defunded--have galvanized a moment when we say: enough is enough. A city needs more than a police force. A city needs services for its people.

Many of us had delicately suggested that the $649 million line item for the police could stand to be re-distributed to human services that are being cut, services that do much more to keep our citizens safe -- education, health, environment. The Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy (OACCE) and its budget (which represent only half of one percent of the proposed police budget) were completely eliminated. And the reason we had asked politely for change, and why I suspect the mayor’s office repeatedly declines any motion to disinvest from the police, was not out of respect for police work, but out of fear of the police force.

The tide has turned and we are no longer afraid. The sense of urgency expressed over the past week in Philadelphia and across the nation prove we are unwilling to be held hostage by our fears any longer. Arts organizations will not sit passively, or ask politely, seeking scraps from the budget to support our sector. We stand with the movements for Black lives.

We demand a disavowal of the murder of Black people.

We stand with the movements for Black lives and demand an end to state violence against Black and Brown people.

We demand the Mayor and City Council acknowledge that the systemic violence against and oppression of Black people, people of color and poor people of all ethnicities comes in many forms – including the intentional deprivation of shared resources.

We demand the defunding and re-distribution of police funding toward human services.

We demand all arts and culture organizations in Philadelphia sever known ties with the police. We demand a re-imagining of safety.

Addendum (6/9/20): While we are heartened to learn of the letter signed by 14 of Philadelphia's City Council members calling for police reforms and opposing police budget increases sent on June 8, 2020, we are steadfast in our belief that Philadelphia must further defund the Philadelphia Police Department, invest in Black and Brown communities, and will not cease our advocacy until a budget is approved that matches our values.


Anne Ishii, Executive Director
Asian Arts Initiative

Danny Orendorff, Executive Director
Vox Populi

Maori Karmael Holmes, Artistic Director & CEO
BlackStar Projects

Louis Massiah, Filmmaker

Vanyah Harrigan, Manager of Institutional Giving

Eric Boss, Founder
Fresh Pulp Recordings, LLC.

George Lawrence, Founder/Dir. of Operations
GL Agency

Maura Gallagher , Citizen

Benjamin F. Barnett, Founder
Media Bureau

Aaron Livingstom, sir
big son little llc

Aisha Zia Khan, Executive Director & President
12 Gates

Elizabeth Grimaldi, Executive Director
Fleisher Art Memorial

Susan Shifrin, Founder and Director
ARTZ Philadelphia

Bailey Dodds, Executive & Development Assistant
Fleisher Art Memorial

Jeanette Lloyd, Designer

Rachel Zimmerman, Executive and Artistic Director

Samantha Rise, Program Director
Girls Rock Philly

Harry Philbrick, Founding Director
Philadelphia Contemporary

Paul Farber, Artistic Director & Co-Founder
Monument Lab

Jarrod Markman, Executive Director
Da Vinci Arts Alliance

Karen Patterson, Curator
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Farrah Rahaman, Panel Coordinator
BlackStar Film Festival

Erme Maula, Philadelphia Resident

William Udell, artist

Jamie Hughes, Development Director
Fleisher Art Memorial

Ellie Tomlinson, Registrar
Fleisher Art Memorial

Jane Golden, Arts Leader

Mia Culbertson, Digital and Design Coordinator
Philadelphia Contemporary

Alexandra Miller, Founder; Manager; G.I.F.T;TuttoEDolce -Every Thing Is Sweet

Patrice Worthy, Festival Operations Director
BlackStar Film Festival

Beth Jellinek, Executive Director
What Is: Mindfulness

Christina Vassallo, Executive Director
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Lauren Albert Ravitz , Consultant

Elena Marie DiLapi, Arts Consultant

Lynn Marsden-Atlass, Arts Leader

Carmen Febo-San Miguel, MD, Arts Leader

Brooke Davis Anderson, Museum Director

Roopa Vasudevan, Artist Member
Vox Populi

will owen, Artist / Curator

Valerie Gay, Creative

Monna Morton, Principal, Monna Morton Art & Design

Nick Vicente, Designer

Dominic Mercier, Communications Director
Fleisher Art Memorial

Vita Litvak , Associate Director of Adult Education
Fleisher Art Memorial

Zack Ingram, Print Project Coordinator
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Lauren Bille, CEO

Sunanda Ghosh, Director of Strategic Relations
Philadelphia Contemporary

Alexa Perillo, Visitor Services Assistant
Fleisher Art Memorial

Ari Kushner, Marketing + Communications

Tony Heriza, Producer
Hidden River Films

Philip Glahn, Art historian

Julia Clift, artist & arts educator

Michelle Mazer, Event Producer

Kristina Price, affiliate of the Fabric Workshop and Museum

Meg Onli , Associate Curator
Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

M’Balia Singley , Musician, writer

Ash Limés Castellana, Museum Education Coordinator
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Melanie Silva, Video Producer

Amy Sadao, Arts Leader, Board Member
Leeway Foundation & Asian Arts Initiative

Jodi Throckmorton, Curator of Contemporary Art
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Andréa Grasso, Artist

Marina McDougall, Curator

Tausif Noor, Spiegel-Wilks Curatorial Fellow
Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania (ICA)

Daniel Park, Co-Founder and Worker-Owner
Obvious Agency

Natalia Rodríguez, Development Assistant
Philadelphia Contemporary

Stacey Wilson, Artist

Sarah Mueller, Director / Founder

Jessi Melcer, Executive Assistant
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Justin Hall, Registrar
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Emma Eisenberg, Director
Blue Stoop

Ezra Nepon, Artist/Author, Philadelphia resident
Leeway Foundation (Board Member)

Lucy Price, Graphic Designer

Brian Brown, Comic Artist

Brittany Campese, Director
Vision Driven Artists

Caitlin Palmer, Curatorial Admin. Coordinator
Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

Stephanie Bursese, Artist
Vox Populi

Melissa Hamilton, Program Director
Leeway Foundation

Eric Purnell

Scott Cooper, Custodian
Fleisher Art Memorial

Andrea Miller, Senior Children's Book Designer, Illustrator

Leslie Zamora, Marketing/Program/Administration Associate
We Are the Seeds

Yolanda Wisher, Curator of Spoken Word
Philadelphia Contemporary

Kelsey Perkins, Designer

Corey Duncan, Artist
Art Dept/ Strange Parts

Geoffrey Hindle, Business Manager
Fleisher Art Memorial

John Vick, Collections Project Manager
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Olivia Schroeder, Student at Temple University

Sadie Spadaro, Creative Director

Naomi A Brito, Public Media Documentary Producer

Noah Thompson, Visitor Services Assistant
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Adam Abdalla, President
Cultural Counsel

Brogan Austin, Manager of Events
Fleisher Art Memorial

Alexis Assam, The Constance E.Clayton Fellow
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Angel Terry, Illustrator

Gerard Silva, Exhibition & Special Projects Manager
Fleisher Art Memorial

Mike Smith, Designer
Friends of the Rail Park

Erin Sweeny, Communications Manager
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Aleyamma Mathew , Board Member
Asian Arts Initiative

Victoria Ravelo, Artist

Christopher Moore, MSW

Cindy King

Jeremie Rose Wimbrow, Designer

Layla Ehsan, Teen Lounge Coordinator
Fleisher Art Memorial

Avery Lawrence, Project Coordinator
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Emily Cahill, Musician

Juan Tang Hon, Teaching Artist
Fleisher Art Memorial

Brian Jacobson, Creative Director

Kate Abercrombie, Artist

Aleks martray, Executive Director
Big Picture Alliance

Susan Levering

John H Krick, Adjunct Professer, Temple University

Elizabeth Chong, Artist

Amanda Green Hull, Parent to two creative children in Philadelphia

Charity Thackston, Human

Emily Burtner, Artist & designer

Allison Carl, Illustrator, Designer

Diana Oviedo, Creative

Maria Dumlao, Philadelphia resident

Michele Pierson, Artist

Jean Wei, Illustrator

James, Cacciatore

tayyib smith, Principal
Little Giant Creative ; Smith&Roller, Pipeline Philly

Jillian Cammisa-Cantz, student & artist
Fleisher Art Memorial

Andrew Coates, Artist + Designer
XMAS Design Works

Anthoy Elms, Curator

Katie Parry, Museum Tour Manager
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Kristen Nowicki, VSA
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Mallory Weston, Artist & Educator
Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Sarah Archer, Writer

Alexia Chororos, Development Director
Scribe Video Center

Luci Jockel, Artist and Educator
JV Collective and Towson University

Kaitlin Kerr, Jeweler / metalsmith
Echo Metals

Imran Siddiquee , Communications Director
BlackStar Projects

Lance Simmons, Artist
Space 1026

Youness Sharifi, Faculty

Sophie Marisol, Illustrator

Cassandra Jasulevicz, Artist/Student

Wyatt Nestor-Pasicznyk

Angelina Sciolla, Creative Director

Ava Cammisa

Lauren Dombrowiak, Visual Merchandising Manager
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Alec Unkovic, Exhibitions Manager
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Colette Fu, Artist

Nicole Pollard, Program Coordinator
Philadelphia Contemporary

Dani Jones, Artist
Sour Tiger Shop

Austin Drill, Recent BFA graduate Tyler School of Art and Architecture

River Nice, Financial Planner

Bennett Cafarelli, artist & student

Noelle Egan, Co-Owner, Brickbat Books

stuart roberts, writer, artist

Evan Harvey, Engineer

Katie Stahl, Artist

Ali Doucette, Designer

Theresa DeAngelis, Manager, Development Communications & Executive Office

Maddie Hewitt, Artist
Vox Populi

Rose Glade, Artist
Asian Arts Initiative

Katerina Lydon, Writer, Curator, Artist

Kira Rodriguez, Administrative Coordinator
BlackStar Film Festival

Shaily Dadiala, Director
Usiloquy Dance Designs

Julia Mathew, MSW Student

Jessica Noel, Director
Philly PACK

Jay Roselius, Audio-Visual Systems Specialist
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Julia Millan Shaw, Deputy Director
Asian Arts Initiative

Olivia Cleri , Department Program Specialist
Boyer College of Music and Dance, Temple University

Katie Moore, Business Director
Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers

Claire Kimock, Artist & Graphic Designer

Sara Outing, Theatre Artist

Jordan, Artist

Allison Erdneka Budschalow, Lifelong Philadelphian, Facilitator, Resource Mobilizer

Michelle Delgado, Artist & Educator

Annette Monnier, Executive director
University City arts league

Emily Artinian, Director
Street Road

Ann Garner, Managing Director
InterAct Theatre Company

Caroline Santa, Artist

Sarah Eberle, Artist

Amy Smith, Artist, educator, facilitator

Mytili Jagannathan, Writer/Poet

Kate Corcoran, Artist
Space 1026

Lillian Ly

Maya Arthur, Post-Bacc Fellow
Kelly Writers House

Emily Zilber, Director of Curatorial Affairs and Strategic Partnerships
Wharton Esherick Museum

Amy Yuen, Artist & Writer

Chip Schwartz, Visitor Services
Fleisher Art Memorial

Kayla Velocci, Artist & Graphic Designer

Donna Frisby-Greenwood , Board of Directors
Philadelphia Cultural Fund

Amanda Silberling, Writer

Kendyl Boyd, Emerging Arts Educator, Museum Worker, and Multifaceted Creative

Dalita Khoury, Arts Leader

Lauren Pakradooni, Artist

Thomas Jones, Sr. Graphic Designer
Tani Design

Punjabi Bobby, Concerned Colored Person

Kevin O'Brien

Gretjen Clausing, Executive Director

David Dempewolf, co-founder/director
Marginal Utility

Yuka Yokoyama, co-founder/director
Marginal Utility

Kira McDonald, Exhibitions Manager

Kevin Esposito , Resident, Musician, Writer, and Founder/ President of Riot Radio Podcasts and Publishing

Daniel de Jesús, Youth Artist Program Manager & Outreach Support
Taller Puertorriqueño

Anuj Shrestha, Illustrator

Grisha Zeitlin, Facilities Manager
Fleisher Art Memorial

Sean Stoops, Curator and visual artist

Sarah Roche, Artist, educator and museum technician

Tracy Lisk, Musician, Artist, Arts educator

Sarah Stolfa, CEO & Artistic Director

John McInerney, Board Vice-Chair
Eastern State Penitentiary

Russell Edling, Designer & Illustrator

Kwan Howard, Community Organizer
High Tide

Christina Yu, Museum Administrator and Grant Writer

Carmen Johnson, Artist

Madelyne Om, Research Technician

Linda Bien, Data Analyst

Christian sanchez, Student

Kevin Z, Philadelphian

Elise Lee

Paige Gallagher

Rob cantz

Maya Mehrotra

Lori Waselchuk, Exhibitions and Programs Coordinator, Artist
Philadelphia Photo Arts Center

Annie Chiu, Director of Partnerships
Philadelphia Contemporary

Mehrin Masud-Elias, Corporate Secretary and Board Member
Twelve Gates

Shaun Baer, Developer

Antea Roberts , Ceramic Artist

Leslie Macedo, Program Director

Rasheda Pearson, Accountant
Fabric Workshop and Museum

Rachel Hara, Social Media Strategist

Skyler Bradford, Educator
NextFab Studios

Katherine Clark, Marketing Manager
Theatre Philadelphia

Natalie Harris, Designer

Mimi Gallagher , Artist and musician

Christopher R. Rogers, Program Director
Paul Robeson House & Museum

Ashley hall, Creator

Jesse harrod, Artist

Robert Chaney, Arts Administrator

Chris Lester, Independent Filmmaker

Dan Foley, Artist

Katie Rauth, Artist Member, Exhibitions Committee Chair
Vox Populi Gallery

Blanche Brown, artist member
Vox Populi

William Cress, Artist

Jasmine S, Philadelphia citizen

Cynthia Kwan
Girls Rock Philly

Lynn Lasswell, Asst Musical Director
Batala Philadelphia

Michael zeitlin, Interactive media production head

Zachary Hill, Member
Vox Populi

Amanda H., Musician

Nick Norman, Artist

Lucia Alber, Artist Member
Vox Populi

Katherine Knorr, Arts & Culture Data Analyst

Fred Schmidt-Arenales
Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Atif F. Sheikh, Program Director
Twelve Gates Arts

Karen Lowry, Artist

Meg Wolensky, Continuing Education Program Manager

Matt Milone, Visual Designer

Heike Rass, Principal
Heike Rass Art Consulting

Angela Rio, Artist

Tina Farris, CEO
Goodtime Girl

Hanna Vogel, Artist & educator

reyna boyer, dir of museum services
usa exhibits

Rami George, Artist

Samantha Connors, Artist

Olivia Jia, Artist & Writer
Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Lily Feingold, Philadelphian

Luisa Donovan, Artist

Bakirathi Mani, Professor

E. Maude Haak-Frendscho, Convening Program Director, Common Field
Collective Member, Vox Populi Gallery

Alison Giannone, Artist

Anna DeCaria , Artist

Alexis Granwell, Co founder
Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Erica Verbas, Artist

Julia Gladstone, MFA student

Lucy Davenny, Visitor Services Assistant
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Amanda Miller, Instructor
Samuel Fleisher Art Memorial

Julia Pascone, Artist/fashion stylist

Susan Coote, Director
Project 813

Sarah Lyons, Graphic Designer

Rachel Greenberg , Concert Production
44 Sound

Uk Jung, Architect

C.J. Stahl, Artist

Andrew Piccone, Photographer

Anna Drozdowski, Organizer

Sean Collins, Coordinator
Neighboring Systems

Marcus Maddox, Photographer

Sarah Grisham, Artist

Hazami Sayed, Executive Director
Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture

Rebecca Haley, Student

Sahiti Bonam, Marketing Coordinator
Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture

Irit Reinheimer, Filmmaker

Kristy Gallagher , School counselor

Evelyn Piescik

Dale Steffens, Retired

Talia Katz, DO

Daniel Raeder

Carolyn Frank, Bitch
Tyler School of Art

Brittany Jalio

Shaina, Kapeluck

Katherine Volpe, Resident Director and Student Life Coordinator
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Thomas Lauria

Laurel McLaughlin, PhD Candidate
History of Art, Bryn Mawr College

Tessa Haas, Student, Curator

C.C. McKee, Assistant Professor of History of Art
Bryn Mawr College, Department of History of Art

Leila Cartier, Artist and Arts Administrator

Alexandra Snowden, artist and educator

Aisha Anderson-Oberman

Denise M Brown, executive director
Leeway Foundation

Rob Buscher, Board Chair
Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Molly Fischer, Painter/Musician
Girls Rock Philly

Phoebe Bachman, Collaborator
Philadelphia Assembled

Sarah Bishop-Stone, Producer
The Philadelphia Thing

Jennifer Huxta, Artist, Photographer, Nursing Student

Nicole DeMarco, Copywriter

Abby Gualtieri, Freelance Designer

Julia Staples, Artist
Vox Populi

Katy Dammers, Artistic Producer

Megan Biddle, Artist & Co director
Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Matthew Borgen, Artist

Hayley Wieland , Teacher

Reyna Howkins, Media Chair
Women's Caucus for Art Philadelphia

Alicia Eichelman, Digital Project Manager

Sarah Skobeloff, Co-Founder, The Lunch Club 215

Tristan Seyek, Filmmaker, Musician

Nicole Batchelor, Art Teacher
The Miquon School

Natessa Amin, Co-Director

Maria Villafranca, Communications Consultant

Grace Wong, Artist

Giselle Brown

Bailey Roper, Engagement Associate
International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY)

Lynn Beckwith, Arts and Cultural Business Analyst and Artist

Tess Wei , artist

Em Jensen, Art Educator

Christina D. Galagarza, Artist

Brianna Krusen, Researcher

Leslie Lodwick, PhD Student, Instructor

Nia Benjamin, Co-Artistic Director
Ninth Planet

Marcie M Ziskind, owner/operator
The Expressive Hand paint-your-own-pottery Studio

Laura Williams , Artist

Madison Caudullo, Artistic Manager
Raw Street Productions

Samantha Tower, Co-Artistic Director
Ninth Planet

Lorna Howley, performer/patron

Allison Heishman, Artistic Director
Simpatico Theatre

Rob Tucker, Actor-Musician-Educator

Chelsea Murphy, Artist

Aaron Levy, Executive Director
Slought Foundation

Jeremy Gable, Playwright and game maker

Clare McKenna

Kati Gegenheimer, Artist

Jenna Kuerzi, Artist

Gabriel Martinez, Artist/educator
Penn Fine Arts

Daniel Jackson, Photographer / Videographer

Michelle Platt

Amy E. Haavik-MacKinnon, Adjunct Professor

Mark Thomas Gibson, Artist

Chi Yorizumi

Alex Kim, Designer

Elaina Di Monaco, Director & Theatre Artist
On The Rocks

Timothy Belknap, Director
Icebox Project Space

Stevie Schlotzhauer, Teacher
Mermaid Art Studios

jean-jacques gabriel, teacher

Sean Martorana, Artist/ Designer

Joey Sweeney , Writer

Scott Ackerman, Creative Director

Kimberly Tallant

Jackie Tileston, Associate Professor of Fine Arts
University of Pennsylvania

Terry Mittelman, Administrator

John Chandler Hawthorne, Creator/Performer & Photographer

Erin Murray, Artist

josue chavez, student

Melanie Hsu, Artist, Educator

James Merle Thomas, Curator & Assistant Professor
Slought ; Temple University

Zachary Chiero, Manager of Community Relations
Enchantment Theatre Company

Nichole Canuso, Artistic Director
Nichole Canuso Dance Company

Franny Mestrich, Theater artist, Artistic Associate
Ninth Planet

Sofya Mirvis, Artist

Elana Mallov, Artist/Teacher
Spillway Collective

Prashansa Thapa, Artist

Taja Jones , Fundraising/Development Professional

Selene Nunez-Cruz, WCA/DVAA board member

Madalyn Tucker, Artist

Alina Josan, Artist
People's Museums of Philadelphia

Shannon Conway , Citizen

Cody Bluett, Art teacher
Liguori Academy

Emily Fernandez, Artist & Educator

Lynn Fields Harris, Board of Directors, Vice Chair/Secretary
ARTZ Philadelphia

Meredith Sellers, Artist & Art writer, Editor of Title Magazine
Title Magazine

josh walker , artist & educator

Jason Lindner, President of the Board
Theatre Philadelphia

Chris Ward, Artist

Evan Zuk, Artist

Marcelino Stuhmer, Associate Professor of Fine Arts
University of the Arts

Emily Bate, Artist
Trust Your Moves chorus

Bi Jean Ngo, Actress and Director

Beth Warshaw, Director of Operations
CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia

Tess Kunik, Theatre Artist

Molly Reynolds, Processing Archivist
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Matt Pfeiffer, Actor/Director

Jacob Wolos, Musician

emily daley

Jake Fried, Marketing

Cosmo Castaldi, Performer

Lindsay Thomson
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Kathleen Greene

Louise Sullivan, Ceramicist

Atticus Jay Berry, Photographer, Writer, Artist

Melinda Steffy, Visual artist

Seth , Creative Arts Therapy Coordinator
Living Branches

Jesse Pires, Curator

R. Sera Lee, Artist

Lunise Cerin

Kirby McKenzie, Artist

Sarah Tortora, Artist

Amy Lambert, Architect

Melanie Cotton , Performance Artist

Amalia Avilés-Lugo, Artist

JM Morris, Community Connector
The Barnes Foundation

Michael Lambui, Lighting/Scenic Designer
Swarthmore College/Freelance

Gina Rico, Professional Violist and Music Educator

Marina Caprara, Teaching Artist

Niki Cousineau, Co-Director

Melody Wong, Stage Manager

Anjan Chatterjee, Director
Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics

Nellie Konopka , Artist

Sean Thomas Boyt, Dance Person

Mark Blome, Artist

Véronique Bonnet-Vadot , Citizen

Liz Collins, Potter

Kim Altomare, Artist

Courtney Fink, Executive Director
Common Field

Marisa Illingworth

Maura Krause, Theatre artist

Lanica Angpak, Director and Founder
Cambodian American Girls Empowering

Rebecca Tennenbaum, Artist and Adjunct
Napoleon Gallery

Kelsea Gustavson, Jewelry maker and educator

Susan Stromquist, Board President
The Halide Project

Sabine Lipten, Maker
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Sonny James, Artist
Illvibe Collective

James Peterson, Artist Relations Rep

Albert Noven, Musician
Curtis Institute of Music

Sophie Lee, Student

M Slater, Artist, Designer

Lauren Hunter, Operations Director
BlackStar Projects

Gianni Gaudino , Teacher

Gwen Comings, artist and administrator
Tyler School of Art

Sarah Moody, Artist

Emily Walters

Rebecca Suss

Steven Weisz, Founder & The Dance Journal

Simon Martinez , Musician/teacher
village of arts and humanities

Melissa Roderman, Community Member

Matthew Grande, Principal, Impact
MaKen Studios

Amy Frear, Artist and Adjunct Professor
Temple University, University of the Arts

Amanda Schneider, Artist, Educator

Michael A Idriss , Tour Director
Katika Experiences/Urban Adventures

yixuan pan, member manager and artist
Practice Gallery

Grayce Hoffman, Director of Communications
11th Hour Theatre Company

Sal Hamerman, Art librarian

Hannah McDonald, Poet, Writer, Performer, Philly citizen

Christopher Capriotti, Artist

Velonza Frederick, Musician/Curator

Christina Trinh

Evan Gray, Musician
Curtis Institute of Music

Christine Freije, Director

Natasha Guy, Student

Garren Lindsey

Brian Foster, DJ

Norah Gunn, Teaching Artist

Kat Sullivan, Dancer, Writer

Jules Ledger, Student

Lily Kind, Associate Director
Urban Movement Arts

James Wasserman, Visuals

Kelsey knotts, Music producer, DJ

Julian Tello, Musician, alumni
Curtis Institute of Music

Laura Kochman, Writer

Lillian Ransijn, Teaching Artist
Wilma Theater

Matthew Herzog, Manager of Visitor Experience

Courtney Carter, Fellow
Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery

Molly Hughes, Production Designer in the film industry

Kait Hess, Scientist

Sepideah Mohsenian-Rahman, MSW, Institute Manager
Mural Arts Philadelphia

Sarah Jayne Oltz, Citizen

Anita Das, Educator

Kate Dannenberg, Independent Jeweler

Maya Miro Johnson, Student
Curtis Institute of Music

Tsutomu Copeland, Musician
Curtis Institute of Music

Aiyana, Composer, alumni
Curtis Institute of Music

Kate Kraczon, Curator
ICA at Penn (former); Bell Gallery at Brown (current)

Amanda Jensen , Lighting Designer

Sarah Vanasse, Artistic Director
Paper Doll Ensemble

Becca Austin, Artist

Katrina Boilard, Student

Kara Mshinda, Visual Artist
Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Lea Devon Sorrentino, Artist
Vox Populi

Natalie Gearin, Fellow
Tufts Art Galleries

Natalie Kuenzi, Artist Member
Vox Populi

Elyse Rettig, Arts Lover

Raúl Romero, Artist
Vox Populi Member

Brendan Olkus

Krishna Nayar

Jen Rovner, Designer

Emma Ringness

Selena Yip, Festival Director
Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Viktoria Lange, Artist & Educator

Kirk McCarthy, Artist
Vox Populi

Lauren Rile Smith, Founder
Tangle Movement Arts

Lewis Colburn, Artist

Jaime Sullivan

Katherine Perry , Actor and Teaching Artist

Claire Moyer, Theatre Director

Addison Namnoum , Assistant to the Chair of Graduate Programs

Patrick Maguire, Artist

Emily Pratt, Tour Administrator
ACFEA tour Consultants

Evan Dawson , Artist ; Art Technician
Atelier Art Services

Cosmo Baker

Patricia Candell, Registered Nurse

Phoebe Gavula, M

Luke Desmone, @manyhellos_

Rush Jackson, Artist & Communication Designer

Aja Graydon , singer/song writer

Amalia Colón-Nava, Artist

Amira Smith, Producer
Blackstar Film Festival

Richard Tenaglia , ARTIST

Katie Wynne, Co-Director
Fjord Gallery

Melissa Brain, Artist

Chloe Marie

Ashli Fell, Designer

Sophia Tazelaar

Megan Collins, Arts lover

Nancy Shell, ARTIST

Conor MacCormack , Artist

Jason Rosenberg , Artist and Arts Administrator

Michael Stevens, Director
PhillyBloco Brazilian Band

Michael Ciervo, Artist

Andy Thierauf, Artist

John Morrison, Journalist

Tiffany Barber, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Art History

Anthony Tyrone Howard, Creative Director

Max Vasapoli, Academic Advisor

Sally Louise Polk, Musician

Scott Ziegler, Music Director

Samantha Mera-Candedo, Independent Exhibition Designer

Suanne Schafer, Author

Sarah Jesup, Student

brittnie , communications director
leeway foundation

Sarah Kaufman, Artist/Teacher

Gina dawson, Owner
Partners and Son

Michael Rowe, Artist

Hilary R. Whitham, PhD Candidate, History of Art
University of Pennsylvania

Michael Celestin , Entrepreneur

Shannon Freitas, Arts Administrator

Caitlin Finnefan, Art Teacher / Artist

Shannon Rose Moriarty

Brooks bell

Matthew Colaizzo, Artist

Grace Shinn, Community Member

Lesley Berkowitz-Zak , Theatre and Circus Artist

Francesca Montanile Lyons, Artist

John Geating, Woodworker

Emma V, student

Joe Ptacek, Center Manager
Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics

Phuong Nguyen, Co-Founder/CEO
The Women’s Film Festival

Amy Saul-Zerby, Poet and editor
Voicemail Poems

Katrina Foy, Managing Director
EgoPo Classic Theater

Leah Holleran, Artist

Emily Kleaver, Artist

Alex Torra, Co-Founder
Team Sunshine Performance Corporation

Hanna Lee, Art educator

haley domzalski

Jameson Paige, Independent Curator and Writer

Autumn Casey, Artist

Naima Murphy , Sr. Director, University Relations

Samantha Mitchell, artist
Center for Creative Works

Rachel O’Hanlon-Rodriguez, Actor, Poet, Teaching Artist, Comedian

Elizabeth June Bergman, Dancer, scholar, educator

Desireé Butler , Philly Arts Supporter

Catherine Lee, Development Manager
Asian Arts Initiative

Emily Rogers, Business Owner + Artist

Serena Qiu, art history PhD student, teacher, independent writer

Rebecca H, Student

Raul Hernandez , Entertainer

Alicia Link, Artist and Adjunct

Sarah Binder, Art lover and supporter

Julianna Foster, Artist

Debra Ward, Board Member
Vox Populi

Jennifer Cheddar , Service Coordinator

Aimee Gilmore, Artist

Jabair Khan, Artist, Producer

Sarah Craig, Yoga Teacher

Vox Populi

Casey Weisdock

James Bartlett, Founder and Creative Director

Julia Fiorello, Owner
Happy Strategy

Leonor Marion-Landais , Artist

Becky Berger , Resident

Allison Milman, Musician, Artist

Michael Williams, E.M.T.

Olivia Carb, concerned citizen

Meghan cox, M

Tania O'Donnell, Artist and Educator

Bruce Campbell , CEO
Record Breakin’ Music

Phoebe Murer, artist and teacher's aide

Alice Wang

Tyler Melchior , Marketing Director
1812 Productions

Dr. Nancy Gerber, Art Psychotherapist and Researcher

Megan Quinn, Dancer/Somatic Educator

Carrie Stavrakos

Maria Hooper, Project Manager

Sean Hildreth , Co-founder
Spillway Collective

Jillian Jetton, Theater Maker & Educator

Lauren Downing, Executive Assistant to the Director
Institute of Contemporary Art

Stephanie Ramones, Small business owner, photographer, filmmaker

Juliet. L King, Associate Professor

Robert Chaz Flores, DJ/Producer/Educator

Jacob Weinberg , Artist
Philly AV

Eric Dale, Contributor
Streets Dept

Todd Breslow, Board Member
The Halide Project

Suzanne L. Seesman, Artist and Administrative Assistant

Mia Concepcion, Philadelphia Youth Poet Laureate

Brooke Sexton, Artistic Director
Yes! And... Collaborative Arts

CJ Harker, Board Member
The Halide Project

Laura Hricko, Asst. Director, Pre-College & Continuing Education
Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Sham-e-Ali Nayeem, Artist/Poet

Tara Burk, Lecturer, Art History

peyton flynn , ceramic artist
cloud 9 clay

Emma Deesing, Artist Member
Spillway Collective

Martha oConnell, Project manager
Amber Art

Denise Wolf , Art therapist

Lucas Kelly, Artist/Curator
Tiger Strikes Asteroid

John Mitchell, Adjunct professor
Rowan university

Mike Kennedy, Musician

Samantha Ahern

Alexis Richardson

Sannii Crespina-flores, Director
Yram Collective

Julia Guerrero, Public Art Project Manager
Materials Conservation

Melody Forrester, Esq., Owner
Artists First, Inc/ Artists First Records

Greyory Blake, Artist

David Pianka , Sound Engineer
Making Time

Eric Battle, Illustrator/Curator

Constance Mensh, Photographer

Jennifer Zarro, Assistant Professor
Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Elizabeth Krick
Women’s Caucus got Art Philadelphia

DuiJi Mshinda, DJ, organizer
Vinyl Tap 215

Rebecca Wright, company member and director
Applied Mechanics

Micah Danges, Artist

Jenna Staffieri, Artist

Carole Loeffler , Artist

Beth Feldman Brandt, Poet and Executive Director
Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation

Kiley Lotz, Professional Touring Musican (Petal) and Small Business Owner

Jessica Graae, Musician/Teacher

Julia Crachiolo, Performer and Illustrator

Kristen Neville Taylor, Artist

Nora Einbender Luks, Artist
Space 1026

Eleanor Morgan, Student

Barbaraluz Welsh, Actor
Once More Theatre

Sara Torres, Artist

Mindy A. Early, Director of Education
Philadelphia Young Playwrights

Scott Schultheis, Art Teacher and Artist

Netanel Portier, Cultivator of Arts for Change

Richard Hogan, Artist
Practice Gallery

Alex Wasalinko, teaching artist, poetry and creative writing

Joy Feasley, Preparator
Wormwood+Haze Fine Art

Brian James Kirk , Cofounder

evelyn langley, artist/farmer

Bridget , Golden
Center For Emerging Visual Artists, Philly Art Center, Tyler School of Art Class of ‘19

Jeannine A. Cook, Writer

Jacelyn Biondo, PhD, BC-DMT, LPC

Sean Mc, People Person

elliot p

Pete Angevine, Participant

Marc Zajack, Art

Katie Knoeringer , Artist & arts educator

Adam Lovitz, artist, arts educator
Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Evgenia Kim, Artist

Oli Knowles, Cartoonist
Philly Artblog

Jill Katz, Communications Director

Hannah bacon, Program Assistant
Free Library Foundation

Maren Lamb

Leilani Chirino, Dancer

em downing, arts organizer

Dzemila Bilanovic, Case Manager

Juan Hurtado, Designer and Educator

Katherine Aid, Choreographer/Performer
Tangle Movement Arts

Carolina Marin Hernández , Artist/Immigrant

Mira Treatman, Managing Editor

Jillian Anderson, Seamstress

Sophie Sanders, PhD, Artist and Art Historian
New England College, Fabric Workshop and Museum

Ben Grinberg, Artistic Director
Almanac Dance Circus Theatre

Susan Brown, Board Member and Facilitator
ARTZ Philadelphia

Thomas Choinacky, Performance Artist

Hannah Carnes, Designer

Dave Kyu, Artist, Writer, Cultural Worker
Asian Arts Initiative

Maria Emilia Pardo, Mother, Educator, Ceramic Artist

L M Feldman, playwright

alison dilworth, Artist Teacher and Mother
Fleisher Art Memorial

Marcus Branch, Photographer

Rick Wright, Instructor
Fleisher Art Memorial

Sheldon Abba, Artist/Community collaborator
Peoples Film Program

Vered Gordon

Maryam Pugh, Owner
Philadelphia Printworks

Keir Neuringer, Musician

Julia Povlow

Caroline MacMoran, Artist

Michelle slavik, Dancer/choreographer

Rachel McQuillan

Ana Woulfe, Artist
Space 1026

Stacey Holder, Artist
Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Marissa Georgiou, Academic Advisor
Tyler School of Art

Shantrelle Lewis, Co-Founder

Amanda Branson Gill, Partner
Kilo Films

Tamsen Wojtanowski, Artist

Chi-ming Yang, Professor
Univ. of Pennsylvania

Leah Appleton, Gallery Exhibitions Coordinator
Pearlstein Gallery- Drexel University

Avani Pisapati, Bioengineer

Patrice Ingram

Kristin Schattenfied-Rein, Artist
CFEVA/INLIQUID/1241 Carpenter

Jalessa Mungin, Producer
Philadelphia Contemporary

Anthony , Co-Director
Fjord Gallery

Casey Larkin, Finance Profeasional

Gina Furnari, Artist

Austen Camille Weymueller, Artist and Arts Organizer

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Derick jones, Artist
Fleisher art memorial

Leah Reynolds, Artist/Social Worker

Aviva Kapust, Executive Director
The Village of Arts and Humanities

Jim Strong , Artist and Musician
Vox Populi Gallery

Eliza Bolton, Senior Graphic Designer

Tina Morton, Filmmaker

Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela, Writer, Recording Artist
Thread Makes Blanket press

Hilary Sedgwick

Rachel Yinger, Artist

Cari Freno, Artist, Professor

Rebecca Miller

Alina Wang, Artist

Tanvi Baghele, Artist

Denice Frohman, Poet

Brendan Siltman , Artist

Sarah Gliko, Artist

Katie Horner, Actor/Writer/Composer

Gabrielle Revlock, dancer/choreographer

Kathy L. Jackson, Artist, Framer, Writer, Talent
Perfect Touch Art Studio

Roberta Massuch, Artist and Educator

Linda Price, Artist and Human Services worker
Crane Arts, IDEATE (RHD)

Remy Zbel, Artist/office manager

Allen Nelson, Jazz Musician

Eugene Lew, Cousin

Michael Gerkovich , ATR
Space 1026

Emilio Martinez Poppe, Artist, Student
University of Pennsylvania, Graduate Fine Arts

Marissa M. Horanic, Photographer, Printmaker, and Small Business Owner
Tyler School of Art

Garreth Heidt, Teacher

Sannii Crespina-flores, Board Chair
Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation

Terina Hill, Owner
Fashion Design Center of South Jersey

Angela McQuillan, Curator
Esther Klein Gallery

Stuart Shils, local artist, educator

Terry Hempfling , Artist

Nicole Quenelle, Independent interdisciplinary artist & writer

Li Sumpter, educator/artist/cultural producer
MythMedia Studios/Escape Artist Initiative

Jill Harrison, Director + Producer + Founder/Executive Director,
Directors Gathering (DG)

Jane Ianacone , Visitor Services Assistant Manager
Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Alyssa Kirk, Mental Health Clinical Coordinator

Naomi Nelson , Art Historian, Curator, Museum Educator, Poet,

Erik Ruin, artist

denise beek, board co-chair
blackstar film festival

Ricardo Zapata, Artist & Educator

Derek Rigby, Audiovisual Coordinator
Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania

Jessica Lin, Artist
University of Pennsylvania

Katy Scarlett, Curator, Professor

Tony Buford, Owner and Designer
TonyBuford Creative

Noni Ligon , Musician
Fast Life Music, LLC

Katie Hubbell , Artist
Practice Gallery

Nuala Cabral, Media Artist + Educator

B. Dixon-Gottschild, Professor Emerita
Dance Dept, Temple University

Nicole Bindler, Dance Maker, Writer

Isaac Tin Wei Lin, Artist

Angela Miles, President
Friends of Vernon Park

Sean Jenkins, Owner & Artisf
The Aktion Gallery/The Fall Studios

Anne Robinson , Board Co-chair

Elizabeth Leitzell, Photographer

Shannon Brooks, Co-creator
Window Room

Jeffrey Johnson , Artist

Marangeli Mejia Rabell, Festival Director
Philadelphia Latino Film Festival

Lindsey Wernli, Artist

Max Bienstock, Programmer

James Jackson, Executive Producer
Light Thief Productions

Phylicia Hodges , Artist/Art Education student
University of Vermont

Johanna Kasimow, Theater Artist

Jaried Kimberley, Teacher

Brishen Miller, Production Manager
Passage Theatre Company

Stephanie Potter, Art Troll

Rebekah Richardson

Dustin Hurt, Director
Bowerbird, ACF Philadelphia

Laurel Garber, Assistant Curator
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Emilia Brintnall, Artist

Johanna Marshall, Artist and Educator

Arden Bendler Browning, Artist and resident

shanti mayers, small business owner
the sable collective retail store

Johanna Austin, Photographer

Ramey Mize, PhD Candidate, Art History
University of Pennsylvania

Melanie Serkes, Artist

Maria Eife, Artist
JV Collective

Tim McFarlane, Artist

Phenon Murphy

Emily Royer, Artist

Julia Owens, Artist

Maryann Worrell, Professor/Artist

Pia Panaligan, Stylist

Samantha Simpson, Artist

Laura Deutch, Education Director

Issa Revell, Art Teacher

Cassandra Emswiler Burd, artist

lindsay gambone

Jeffrey Berry, Company & Facilities Manager
Bristol Riverside Theatre

Daniel Moser

Lendl Tellington, Technical Production Director
BlackStar Film Festival

James Hostetter, Citizen

Olivia Musselman, Art Student
Tyler School of Art

Jamie Grace-Duff, Costumer, educator

Stacia McKeever, Artist & Children’s Librarian
Free Library of Philadelphia

Melissa MacNair, Financial Manager for Arts Organizations; Artist and Designer

Christina LaMacchia

Julie Kizeik, Artist

Arielle Brousse, Writer
Blue Stoop

Eboni Zamani, Artist

Thea Risher , Student

Robert Kaplowitz, Designer & Composer
Nine Hostage Arts

Grace Harmer , Artist, Curator

Meredith sonnen, Production Manager

Dustin Campbell, Artist

Raina Searles, Marketing Manager

Lily Colman

Serena Niesley, Artist

Ramona Henderson

Deena Weisberg, Professor
Tangle Movement Arts

Diedra Krieger, Artist

Alexandra Espinoza , Theatre Artist

Ela Sirin, Graphic Designer

Sarah Kodish-Eskind , Art therapist and counselor, Maker

Cynthia Dewi Oka, Poet

Mike Gamble, Artist

Wendy Hitch

Sam Johnson, Filmmaker

Aaron Mannino, Volunteer Co-Director

Abby Ahearn, Artist, Writer

Kiersten Ladzinski

Kylie Guinan

Sara Schwartz, Artist
Riot Alliance

Madeline Hopfield

Rachel Dolan, Theatre Artist

Emily Small, Sales

Kevin White, Operations Manager
Arden Theatre Company

Aaron Terry, Artist
Vox Populi

Minou Pourshariati , Actor

Alex Ibsen, Artist

Christopher Waters, Theatre Artist

Cybele Moon, Costume Designer/ Visual Artist/ Educator

Carlos Avendano , Photographer / Photo Archivist

Mary Champagne, Artist

Owen Corey, Actor and Educator

Jess Hicks , Artist

Michelle Angela Ortiz, Visual Artist

Jessie Thornton

Andrea Walls, Artist
Women's Mobile Museum

Kevin Fennell, Playwright

Jane Fentress , Artist

Brandi Burgess , general manager
Bearded Ladies Cabaret

Trae Tay, Visual Artist

Erica Hawthorne-Manon, Founder & Director
Small But Mighty Arts

Elizabeth Brayer, Designer

Jordan Poole, DJ Royale

Irina Varina, Performer/Filmmaker

Bryan Cronin

Ray Wilson, DJ/Recording Engineer/Producer

Jess Rizzo, Artist

John Barber III, Board Chair
Painted Bride Art Center

Kobina Amissah, Content Curator

Franny Breen, Educator

Marissa Berlin

Madison Auch, Theatre Artist, Teacher

Francesca Fiore, Artist

Lauren Poor, Citizen

Exene Karros, artist

Clare Kobasa, Curatorial fellow
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Jackie Killian, Grants Manager
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Jon Parkton, Artist

Elaine DiFeliciantonio , Business owner

Jaime Fountaine, Writer, Host
Tire Fire Reading Series

Hilton Palmer, Artist

Karl Michelfelder , Visual Designer

Katherine Hackl, Artist

Jaleel Jones
JBasquiat Creates Art

Noelle Sengsourinh, DEFUNDTHEPOLICE

Alex Eckman-Lawn

Jonene Nelson, Photographer

Heather Sizemore, Photographer

Kimberly Inglot, Community Member
The Clay Studio

Alex K, Videographer

Haigen G. Pearson, Artist & Educator

Leigh Goldenberg, Managing Director
The Wilma Theater

Joanna Iffrig

Marguerita Hagan, Artist, Educator, Community Art Specialist

Maryam Hallaj, Founder
Gracious Rebel Designs

Lara Griffith , Teacher

Gina Myers , Poet

Katie Naber , MFA Student
University of the Arts

Amira Pualwan, Printmaker

Lauren Stichter, Director of Art Education
Moore College of Art & Design

Eurhi Jones
Mural Arts

Sam Whalen , Artist/Curator

Nyah Thomson , Photographer

Jacqueline Wills , Creative Guide

Patricia Swanson, Artist

Ali Lodise , Student

Chrissy Scolaro, Co-Director
FJORD gallery

Kathryn Schweingruber, Dancer

Mary Cerulli, Student
UCAL and Fleisher

Ryan Evans, Artist

Donna Quinn, Artist

Julia Wilson, Craftsperson

Jamerah Mcbride, Graphic designer

Brad Jamula, Artist, Teacher

dale rio, co-founder and board member
the halide project

Amze Emmons, Artist, curator

chris kline, artist

Jacintha clark, Artist

Stephanie Czapla, Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Julia Terry, Artist

Caitlin Peck, Artist

Michael Piantadosi, Filmmaker

Tim Gibbon, Arts Educator

Stevie Hughes, Interior Designer, ACE

Brendan Lowry, Philadelphian

Emily Townsend, photographer

Suzanne Sheer, Singer Songwriter

Kelly Brophy , Concerned Citizen

Darby Swab, Arts Administrator

Emma Brown Sanders, Poet

Matthew Britz, Engineer

Rea Tajiri, Associate Professor
Film Media Arts, Temple University

Manuela Guillen , Artist/ Art Teacher

Victoria Harvey, Director of Digital Media and Graphic Design
People's Light

Kaitlin Pomerantz , Artist + Educator

Ellen Owens, Learning and Public Engagement

marilyn rodriguez, artist
work from home

Evan Raines, Teaching Artist
Philadelphia Young Playwrights

Terri Saulin, Artist - Member
Tiger Strikes Asteroid PHL

Poonam Sharma

Wilfredo Hernandez, Consulting & Community Director
CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia

Kingsley I, Artist

Amber Reeves, Instructor

Layla Marcelle, Choreographer
Better Lovers

Riley Hanson

Frances Quinlan, Artist, songwriter, performer

Kelly Kuykendall, Artist

Ali King
Curtis Institute of Music

Gerald Brown , Artist, curator, art administrator
Vox Populi

Ezra Dufala, Artist, Musician

Sally Poulshock, Citizen

Emily Tucci, Recent grad

Katie Kaplan, Artist, Art Educator

Jaime Alvarez, Photographer

Molly McGuire, Gallery Manager, Artist

Athena Panton, Entrepreneur

Josh Brilliant, Education Director
Philadelphia Photo Arts Center

Emma Pilon, Potter

Alyssa Hamilton, Designer

Christina Theodoro, Educator

Jason Carroll, Creative Director

Emilia Onthank

Ashton Bridges, Photographer

Lindsay Deifik, Co-Director

Sanaa Scott, Student

Courtney Bambrick, poetry editor
Philadelphia Stories

Kevin J. McCann, Actor/technician

sera boeno, 2019 AICAD Teaching Fellow
Moore College of Art & Design

Mark Stockton, Visual Artist, Associate Teaching Professor- Drexel University and board member- Vox Populi
Vox Populi

Cristina Battagliola , DJ

Yana Balson, Board Member / Director of Exhibition Planning
Vox Populi / Philadelphia Museum of Art

Rachel Redden, Philadelphia Teacher

Michael Ajero, Monitor
Fleisher Art Memorial

Jodi Rice, Artist/Educator
Space 1026

Jordan McDonald, Artist

Trish Maunder, Creative Director, Philly Touch Tours
Philly Touch Tours

Pachy Banks-Cabral, Artist & Fundraiser

Devon Voelkel, Filmmaker

Tina Kreibich, Designer, student, teacher

Julia Bloch, Director
Creative Writing Program, University of Pennsylvania

Kelsey Kauffman, Graphic Designer

Marsiella Catanoso, Ceramic Studio Tech & Teaching Artist
Main Line Art Center

Isaac Clark, Musician/Artist

Emma Fried-Cassorla, Creative Director

Claire Coakley, Quilter

James Britt, Artist

Ashleigh Copeland, Educator

Kate O’Neill

Trent Wimbiscus, artist

Lane Savadove, Artistic Director
EgoPo Classic Theater

Rachel Beecher, Education Assistant
Wilma Theater

Tai Verley, Actor, Teaching Artist and Artistic Director
Revolution Shakespeare

Joan Kelly, Volunteers ARTZ

Jenna Horton, Artist

Rachael Pannepacker, Citizen

Lydia Nichols, Artist

Jonathan Santoro, Artist

serena hocharoen, artist

Gillian Toman, citizen

Anna Bockrath, Art Teacher & Artist

Madeline Heenan, Videographer

Timothy Gierschick II, Artist

Wendi Furman , Artist

Nancy Mack , Neuroscience PhD Candidate

Meghann Williams, Artist

Beth Van Why, Designer

Talia Siegler, Temple graduate

Luke, Project Manager
Village of Arts & Humanities

Gillen Riggs, AV

Sandi Vincenti, Founder
A Child's Inspiration: Wildlife Discovery Garden

Janine Silano

Kait renna, Art teacher

Andrew Smith, Artist

Jacques-Jean Tiziou, Artist, Community organizer, Block captain

Clarricia Golden, Artist

Roko Kawai, artist

Anita Holland, Artist
Applied Mechanics

Rob Corso, Art Director

Leah Gelb, Donor Engagement Officer
Fleisher Art Memoial

Alina van Ryzin , Photographer

Isabella Sazak, performer/creator
Applied Mechanics

Danielle DuBois , Artist

Paula Suss, Docent
Woodmere art museum

Katy Kopnitsky

Sydney Donovan , Dancer and Educator

Leah Reisman, Arts Researcher

Leigh Werrell, Artist

Colleen Byrne, Philadelphia Resident

Brooke Petry, Owner / Maker
Bog Berry Dryer Balls / Carpenter Street Wool

William Warden, artist

Rachel Milligan, Poet

Kenna Lynn, Artist

Katelyn Mclallen, Director of Production

Nicole Bradbury, Dance Artist

Daniel Tucker, Artist, Curator, Writer, Educator

Alaina Bailey, Artist

Kate Seethaler, Dancer/choreographer

Chris McCreary, Poet

M Téllez, storyteller

Heather Ossandon, Professor, Artist

Andres, Musician/ Teaching Artist

Paola Piers-Torres, Filmmaker

Seth Dodson, Production Director, Pitchfork

Lauren Tracy, Production Manager

Eileen Echikson, Artist

Cristina keiffer, The clay studio

Kaitlynd O’Doherty, Communications Coordinator
University of the Arts

George MacLeod, Gallery Guide
The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Kate Bonner, Artist

Danielle Farley , Art Educator
School District of Philadelphia

Claire Frisbie, Marketing and Communications Director

Mariola V. Alvarez, Assistant Professor of Art History

Christa Altamuro, Filmmaker

Zoe Axelrod, Artist
High Tide Gallery

Sam Olshin FAIA, Principal
Atkin Olshin Schade Architects

Erin Batson , Owner
The Spite Haus

Dominique Ellis, Retail Manager and Gallery Coordinator
The Clay Studio

Noelle Krevetski, Advertiser

Krista Dedrick Lai, Artist

Matthew Raghunauth , Artist & UX Designer

Anna Benjamin, Artist and Arts Educator

jacob c hammes, Artist, Curator
Pilot+Projects, Temple, UArts

Jon Kaufman, Co-Founder
MING Media

Thomas Costello, A/V Tech
The Barnes Foundation

YOHSUKE ARAKI, Artist, Audio Visual Technician
Asian Arts Initiative, IATSE, Barnes Foundation

Abby Rubin, Senior Licensing Director
Beggars Group

Maggie Mills, Artist/professor
Grizzly Grizzly gallery

Kelsey Birmingham

Emily Parker, Co-Artistic Director
Indecorous Theatre Productions

Christine Ruberti Bruning , Artist

Melissa Langer, Artist
Vox Populi

William Schwaller
Tyler school of art

Timothy Lappin, Musician

Dane Eissler, Associate Producer
EgoPo Classic Theater

Hysterical Men, Street Artist

Rachel Tait, Philadelphian

Kendyl Cocco

Heather Steckler, Artist

Cristina Caudill, Creative

Larisa Kingston Mann, Assistant Professor, Klein College, Temple University / Dj Ripley
Media Studies & Production Dept/ Subversion PHL

Caitlin Martin, Communications Manager

Elyce Abrams, Artist

Amy Novinski, Dance Educator

Brooke Marsh, Photographic Technician

Thembi Vereen, The University of the Arts graduate

Melissa Chen, Program and Communications Associate
Asian Arts Initiative

Matt Nelson, Building Operations Manager
Asian Arts Initiative

Damara Peraino

Devon Kelly, Student

Bonnie Saporetti

Valerie feo , Artist

Sarah Peoples, Sculptor

Anne Burtner, Artist/Maker

Robert Perry, Founder
Tattooed Mom

Jes Gamble , Artist

Lauren Griffith

Sheena Sood

Mirra Goldfrad, Artist

Betty Leacraft, Fiber/Textile Artist

Caleb Haynos, Graphic Designer

Megan Flynn, Artistic Director
Megan Flynn Dance Company

Liz Henry, Writer

Jacob Lunderby , Artist

Julia Sippel, editor, artist’s model, sometimes-teacher

TJ Alladin, Director
Int. Performing Arts for Youth

Claudia Valenti, Fine Artist

kira nishimura-russ

Hannah Pierce , Artist & Educator

Arin Ashley, Artist

Steve Gudelunas, Musician/Actor

Heather McNamara

Katherine Borden, Finance Associate

Whitney Casal, Artist

Peter Sturtevant, Educator and Writer

Lea van der Tak, Digital Media Specialist

Jaclyn Nuss, Visitor service associate

Mario Picciuto, Finish Carpenter, Parent

Ellen Snyder, Finance Director
CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia

Christy Davids, Poet

Jennifer Shorstein, Development Manager

Karen Holl

Becky M, Tap Dance Artist

Nicole Krecicki, Co-owner, Artist
South Street Art Mart

Ian, Visitor Services
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Abigail Schwartz , MA, ATR, LPC

Emma Ellis , Theater Artist

Sophie S Miller, Visual Artist

Beth Blinebury, Owner
Blinebury Design

Zach Blackwood, Artistic Producer

Steven Connell, Director of Graduate Programs

Colby Fischang, Musician

Kimberly Juhas, Artist
Second State Press

Kevin Richards, Chair of Graduate Programs
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Ricky Yanas, Artist / Educator

Kate McCammon, Academic Coordinator

Kat Claar, flower artist

Eve Lukens-Day

Bob Bradley, Boyfriend of artist
Second state press

Kristin Finger, Artistic Director
CSz Philadelphia

Stephanie Stevens
Ballet X

Kadee Stephens, Artist

Jess Lerner, Artist, and constituent

Christopher Walter, Artist (watercolor/design)

Briana, Artistic Associate/Teaching artist/ freelance creator
The Wilma Theatre.

Patrick Haney , Tattooer
Forever Valentine Tattoo

GS Bullen, Surrealist painter

Trevor Szewczyk

Alexandra Farr, Multidisciplinary Artist

Jino Lee, Artist
Asian Arts Initiative

Lauren Todd, Artist

Cat Ramirez, Creative Director
Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists (PAPA)

Hayley Chenoweth, Writer

Elissa Flanigan, Designer

Frank Chappell, Artist

Krystal Rosa, Resident Artist
Power Street Theatre

Jeffrey J. Katzin, PhD Candidate, History of Art
University of Pennsylvania

Charlotte Northeast, Artistic Associate
Philadelphia Artists' Collective

Marilyn Foehrenbach, Artist

Julianna Fomenko, Student Care Coordinator

Angel Acuña, Dancer Artist

Ryan Suits, Filmmaker

Annette Shantur, Business Associate

Alex Klein, Curator
Institute of Contemporary Art

Amanda Pheasant

Shane Yelicanin, Videographer

Paige Chapman, Yoga studio owner

Kimberly C. Doriety , Senior Specialist, Digital Marketing

Alicia Rinier, Artist

Carolyn Chernoff
Arts of Residtance

Alex Butler
Tiny Room for Elephants

Kayla McCaney, Multidisciplinary Artist

Megan Brewster, Co-Owner
Art Star

Messapotamia Lefae, post-gender surrealist, sartorialist, dance artist, chanteux

Allyson Church, Artist

Members, Board of Directors
ARTZ Philadelphia

Quinn Collins, Composer

Alex Bechtel, Theatre Artist

Anthony Joyce, Sign Painter

Gina Austin, Hair Stylist, Macrame

Emily D Finley, Human

Grace Berman

Genevieve DeGroot, Staff
The Resource Exchange

Suzanna Espamer-Murrill, Artist

Rachel Sherman-Presser

Marta Syrup, Artist, Co-Facilitator
Deviant Life Drawing

Matthew Scheuermann, Musician

Anna Biegalski , Writer

Alicia crosby , artist

Lisa Resnick

Kevin Lieber

Sophie Miller, Visual Artist

Rebeccah Ulm, Teaching Artist and Museum Educator

Amanda Charlie Clark, Artistic Director
Indecorous Theatre Productins

Yaara Ben-Dor, Preservation team
Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Edward Garcia, Board Member
Asian Arts Initiative

Greta, Artist and Student
Moore College of Art and Design

Madison Mullahey, Theatre Artist

Peggy Washburn , Artist
Peggy Washburn Fine Art

Matt McGinnis, Artist, writer, producer

Faith pittz

Elizabeth Mignano, Student

Frank C. Barbella, Photographer, Teacher

Niclas Malmcrona, Producer

Theresa Chase

Bettina Escauriza, Filmmaker

Kaitlyn Zion , Musical Theater Student at UArts

Symone Salib, Muralist
Symone Salib Studio

Jordan Cameron, Photographer

Rob Mugge, Various

Sheila Quintana, Filmmaker & Organizer
Bonfire Media Collective

Joelle Bradley

Mat Tomezsko, Artist

Sammi Bateman , Artist

josh graupera, worker-owner
Bonfire Media Collective

Chelsea Rose Thompson, Artist and Educator

Livia Charman, Artist

James Carminati, Creative

Katie Jean, Artist

Cassie O’Neal

Theodore Cheek, Musician

Katrina Healy

Jennifer Jones, Art Historian

Carolyn Anello, Artist project manager

Rachel Bruno, Artist + Office Services Manager

Theresa Rose, Artist

Anna Marley, Curator
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Abby King, Assistant Director of Adult Programs

Aysia Cherry, Student

Leah Savin
University of the Arts

Olivia Sisinni, Designer

Geoffrey KixMiller, Artist
High Tide

Emily Erb, Artist

Sharif Lacey, Reef the Lost Cauze

Bernadette Emore

Cheryl Strain

Amanda Jill Robinson, Theatre/Visual Artist, Musician, Educator

Darcy stackhouse , Artist

Rebecca Thompson, Philadelphia resident

Kara Wexler, Artist

Mary Menchel, Client Services Manager

Sarah Mitchell

Mike Maiorini, Designer, Artist
Adornment, Fermented Spirits

Jessica Garz, Director, RAE Consulting

Anna Cherniahivsky, Teaching artist

Erin Russo, Creative

Michael Palamountain, Strategist
J2 Design

Jeff T. Johnson, Writer & Educator

Cali Ritson, Senior marketing manager

Krysta A Fogel, music educator

F. Michael Angelo, Archivist

Josh Leidy , Creative

Cody Adams, Citizen and patron

Hans-Ethan Hibbard, Entrepreneur
Freelance Double Bassist

Michelle Nugent, Artist & Educator

Tanya Brockenbrough, Graphic Design Manager

Kelly Gillin-Schwartz, Illustrator

Jaime Maseda, Artist

Rachel Leah Gallo, Artist

Scarlet Estelle Hernandez, Director of Member Success at REC
REC philly

France Ricapito, Artist and nonprofit arts worker

Lynda Grace Black, Artist

Collin Inman, Artist

Mary Tuomanen, Actor
Applied Mechanics

Cole Pritchett, Photographer

Juliette Zorn, Artist

Ksenia Nouril, Curator

Evan Fugazzi, Artist

John Jarboe, Artistic Director
The Bearded Ladies Cabaret

Morgan Sitzler, Citizen & Artist

Elizabeth Melton, Sales Representative

Scott Kirkland , Anthropologist

Tom Sherman, photographer

Sophie Miller, Teacher

Abbey Blume

Megan Lee

Katherine Wayne

Dan O'Neil, Freelance Casting Director & Artistic Producer
The Bearded Ladies Cabaret

Monique Peterson
Night Shift Studio

Julie Raboczi, Creative

Jen Cleary, Production Manager

Katie fleck

Alice Yorke, Co-Director
Lightning Rod Special

CJ Jasen, Artist

Sally Ollove, Associate Artistic Director and Dramaturg
The Bearded Ladies Cabaret

Danielle Canter, Art Historian

Tatiana Buonassisi, Artist / Musician

Dana Fedeli

Alyssa Weinfurtner , Artist and Social Worker

Black Dog Gallery

Bryan Bancroft

Lesley Haas, Artist

Karen Kolkka

India Abbott

Claire Norwood

Katherine Kimball, Philadelphia Resident

Anne-Marie Gincley, Self employed artist

Kristen Humbert, Freelance Writer

Lauren Dowd, Philly Resident

Greta Huang Skagerlind, Designer
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Erin Olsovsky, Artist & Small business owner

Lily Jensen, Printmaker

Jeffrey Bussmann, Activist

Aubrey Loftus, Artists

Jen Brown, artist

DonaldMillinger, Adviser
Philadelphia Contemporary

Emily Sweeney, Teacher

Destiny Washington, Designer
Destiny / Design Co.

Lauren Lowe, Writer + Communications Coordinator
Writers Room

Matthew Philip Kalasky, Arts Administrator
James A. Michener Art Museum

Vicki Liantonio, Photographer

LaNeshe Miller-White, Executive Director
Theatre in the X

Kyle Howey, Alumni Fellow
Writers Room Drexel

Michelle Dela Paz, Citizen/Patron

Alanna Messier , Arts Student

Paige Fetchen, Curator/Artist/Professor
High Tide Gallery

nichola kinch, member
Tiger Strikes Astroid

Marann Mullen, Creative director

Meghan Turbitt, Artist

Rachel Fryd

Taylor Ecker , Photographer
TAYPAC Photography & Marsy’s Law for PA

Alexander Conner, Artist & Educator
Philly Stewards, Felt+Fat, The Barnes Foundation

Monique Uy, MS, CCC-SLP

Gabrielle Smarr, Artist, Art Educator

Byshera Williams, Social media manager

Erik , Actor
Philadelphia Young Playwrights

Andrea Ngan, Design Strategist

Kate Collins, Tattoo Artist

Brittany Holdahl, Co-Founder
Argent Combat

Mallory Schneider

Emily Esten, Board Member and Patron
Simpatico Theatre

Mark H. Andrews, Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Azuka Theatre

Sarah Beahm, Illustrator

Evan Laudenslager, Sales & Program Manager, Art Gallery

Bennett Kuhn, Co-Organizer
Astro Nautico

Emilie S Passow, PHD, Professor

Talia Kassie

Lia Huntington, Artist

Jameson Savage, Artist & Student

Aubrey Levinthal, Painter

Rachel Udell, Artist

Ryan Eckes, poet

Page Rodgers, Artist

Megan Bridge, Co-director

Kelly Flynn, Artist

Katherine Desimine, Administrative Assistant

Peter Price, Co-director

Mijkalena Smith, Administrative Assistant

Stefani Laney, Artist

Christina Chen, Administrative Associate
Asian Arts Initiative

Francisco Collazo , Curator

Liz colyar

Derek Ellison

Brandon Rogers, City resident


Joe Cox , Person

Samantha Straughn

Theresa Cunningham, Margaret R. Mainwaring Curatorial Fellow, Department of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Dana Katz, SM

Tara Woznicki

Claire Brady

Tom Shotkin, Stage Manager

Emily Moylan, Teaching Artist

Brian McNamara, Graduate Student
Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Nathan Hurst, Illustrator

Sarah Good, Educator

Lucy Smith, DMA - horn performance
Boyer College of Music

Nicole Perry

Mike Durkin, Artist

Leah Berney

Meghan Winch, Dramaturg

Rachel Kantra Beal, Artist/Educator

Stephanie Gibson

Bruno Nouril, Museum Professional

Matt Flocco, Actor / Teaching artist

Alaina Johns, Editor-in-chief
Broad Street Review

Michelle Ampofo, Assistant of member success and art student
REC Philly

Rachel Fields, Student, Lifelong Philadelphia Resident

Sharon Leshner

Lisa Reynolds

Alicia Puig, CEO & co-founder
PxP Contemporary art gallery

Ilana Dean, Co-founder
Schmidt Dean Gallery

Laura Vriend, Ms./Dr.

mary cox, owner/maker
MESC Designs

Kate Fischer

Kerry Bickford, Director of Programs
Philadelphia Contemporary

Ann Hartzell Pollack, Artist/designer
designAnn and Souls Shot Portraits of Victims of Gun Violence

Gabriella Hamlett

Boris Dansberry, Actor/Musician

Gaelen McCartney, Artist

Gabriella Hamlett , Psychology Research Assistant

Kees Holterman , Illustrator

Maya Shengold, Artist
Lino Kino Media Arts Collective

Elizabeth Reed, Artist

Tyler School of Art

Victoria Duran

Jennifer McTague, Executive Director
Second State Press

Kirsten Kaschock

Marina McLaughlin, Student/Theatre Artist

Julia Cuccaro-Green, Dance/movement therapist

Norman E Wisler, Philadelphia Citizen

Ryan Schwabe, Professor of Music Industry, small business owner

Rachel Wenrick, Founding Director
Writers Room

Betsy casanas, Semilla arts initiative

Juliana Kuttruff, Filmmaker

KaRa Dorman , Artist

Melissa Beatriz Skolnick, Co-founder
¡Presente! Media

Liz parsons, Musician

Rebecca Bradbeer, Arts Ambassador

Gabrielle Amaro, Student and Healer

nadierah jones, philadelphian
mural arts

Gabrielle jones, philadelphian
Philly arts

Sean Taras, Artist

Mariah Hopkins

Jack Hopewell

Ranjote longia, Artist

Sam Katovitch, Designer

Rebecca Granados, Community Engagement and Administrative Coordinator
ARTZ Philadelphia

Caitlin Antram, Artist

Chelsea Dalsey, Artist, Dancer, Musician, Writer
Student at Fleisher

Jennie Shanker, Artist / Educator

Olivia Daouphars , Florist

Amy Cousins, Artist & Educator
Tyler School of Art & Architecture

Paul Kuhn, Artistic Director
Curio Theatre Company

Maggie Delaney

Erika Chubeck, Artist

Chelsea Reed, Jazz Vocalist and Educator

Jaime Konowal, General Manager
1812 Productions

Kate Ingbritsen

Tshay Williams, Filmmaker, Worker Advocate

Lindsey Scannapieco, Managing Partner
Building Bok

Selina Morales, Lead Folklorist
Southwest Folklife Alliance

Alex Buschiazzo, Press

Lianne Escobar

Chris Haig, Set and Props Designer

Christine Blair, Artist/Art Instructor

Damon Bonetti, Co-Founding Artistic Director
Philadelphia Artists' Collective

Marisah Arispe, Visitor Service Associate
Eastern State Penitentiary

Andrew Milicia, Artist/Musician

Katie Feeney, Artist, Singer, & Creative Professional

Arthur Robinson, Producer/External Relations Associate
Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists/InterAct Theatre Company

Kelly Sanford, student

Isaac Scott, Artist

Karen Bice, Artist, Owner
Roadside Linen Arts

Benjamin Watson

Elia Foster, Arts Administrator

Erin M Worrell, Musician

Sara Hicks, Art Student
Tyler School of Art & Architecture

Ethan Tauber, Musician, Venue Worker

Noelle Goldcamp , Artist / Fine Art Framer
Seven Arts Framing

Hannah Kaplan, Artist

Leah Greger, Graphic Designer

Colleen Hughes, Choreographer

Alexandra Rooney, Art Teacher

Debora Charmelus, Producer

Jen Dionisio, Content Strategist

Daniel C. Remer

Karen Escovitz, Musician, educator

Alexus Lauver, Intern
Puentes de Salud

Alex Hillman, Co-founder
Indy Hall

Allis Chang, Photographer

Annie Wilson , Independent Choreographer

Jared Michael Delaney, Actor/Writer

Kelly Davis, Principal, Davis Gay

Stephanie King, Vice President
Philadelphia Writers' Conference

Frances Cordelia Beaver
Frances All the Time, Tyler School of Art & Architecture

Dave Walsh , Artist

Abdus Muwwakkil, Board Member
New Africa Center

Martha Martin, Teaching Artist

Shamus McCarty, Director

Jarret Nathan, Musician

Mollie Komins
Fine artist/illustrator

Linda Pizzi, Assistant Dean

Rebecca Kestel, Stage Manager

Kristal Sotomayor, Programming Director at Philadelphia Latino Film Festival & Co-Founder of ¡Presente! Media

Erica Mandell, Art Educator
Philadelphia School District

Sasha Parker, Art As Therapy

J. Hernandez, Artist

Lizzie Potter, artist

Hillary Parker

Sophia Hyeryoung Kim, Visual Artist
Tyler School of Art and Architecture Class of 2019

Rachel Ward, Artist

Bryan Bierman, Arts fan

Aaron Sheehan, Philadelphian

Chloe Reison, Vox Populi Gallery Board Member, Artist, Arts Administrator

Pearl Corry , Teaching Artist

Jacqueline Kolifrath, Fine arts/Painter

Alexa Josaphouitch, Editorial Board Member
Painted Bride Quarterly

Kathryn Snyder, Founder/Director
Spark Art Therapy

Nathaniel Mell, Founder / CEO

Sekou Campbell, Co-Chair
BlackStar Film Festival

Ann Marie Krulick

Gina Scamuffa, Graphic Designer/ Small Business Owner

Kara Petraglia, Board President
Philadelphia Center for the Book

nicole wiegand

Joseph Beeman

Marianne Dages, Treasurer
Philadelphia Center For The Book

Roger Chavez, Artist-Painter

Michael Stahler, Actor

Matthew Fell, Freelance Producer
Rec Philly

Kristen Weldon, Strategist

Aaron Cohen , Painter

Tessa Smucker
Tessa Marie Images LLC

Cindy Burstein , Filmmaker and Educator

Adam Moore, i guess sir, like a knight
REC Philly

Stephanie Hodge

Katy Hoffman-Williamson, Editor

Kat Kluge, Graphic Designer
University of the Arts

Daniel Gold
New Sound Brass

Dave Angilella, Photographer

Irene Simmon, Human

Diana Filo

Fionx Chin, Artist

Ashley Garofolo, Artist

Sophia Salganicoff, Multimedia Artist

Jude Bispels, Writer, Photographer

Jonecia Lewis, Vocalist, Program Director, Arts Advocate, DEI Accomplice

catherine berrey-green, owner
BeauMonde Originals

Emily Maciolek

Anthony Risolio II, Dancer
Jazz attack

Elizabeth Boch

Conrad Benner, Founder

Alicia Minella

Alexia Correa, Musical Theatre Student
The University of the Arts

Chyanne Kemp

Elaine Li, Musician

Neil P Bardhan, Executive Director
Broad Street Review

Sarah Keim, HR Director

Catherine Sontag, Conference & Event Producer

Dustin Genereux, Owner
Dustin Genereux Photography

Katrina Fingerson, Photographer

Henry Savage, Community Arts/Journalism

Emily Cooper

Adam Schaaf, Editor, Videographer
Retro Vertigo Media

Gilberto Vega, Music and theatre artist

Eric Horvath , Philadelphian

Suzanne Walsh, Public High School Art Teacher

Cody Saia, Support for Arts in Philly, BLM

Julia scheib

Megan Holben, citizen

Sarah McEneaney, artist

Sammy Kovnat

jordan arroyo

Liz Campbell, Philly Citizen, Art Enthusiast

Zoe Rayn Evans, Collaborative Programs Manager
Penn Museum

Mike Lauer, Writer

Rob Hewitt, Teacher

Marci Generose

Shira Walinsky , Artist

Joseph Nevin, Actor, Director

Sone Ehabe, Interior designer

Autumn Konopka, President
Philadelphia Writers’ Conference

Ebony Malaika Collier , Independent artist

Mary Watts

Tory Irvin, City Worker

Naomi Salib, Food industry

Enrica Ferrero, Gallery Member, Artist
Practice Gallery

Hannah Opdenaker, Program Director
Christ Church Neighborhood House

Kelly Barone , Administration assistant

Carly Maylath, teacher

Kyle Huff, Photographer

Amanda Damron, Actor

Gavi Raab, Cool Guy

Jess Matamoros

ANDIE LEVINE, Account Manager

Ashley Wick, Artist

Ed Winstead, Director
Cultural Counsel

Lisa Kelley , Artist

Paige Phillips, Choreographer
Mascher Space

Seth Reich, Artistic Director
The Phoenix Theatre

Hunter Vargas, Art Lover & Supporter

Paul Micciulla , Independent artist

Jason Hill, Professor
UD Art History

Evan Smith, The Echogenic

Steve Kopanski, Artist

Sierra Carter-Gordon, Marketing Manager

Lindsey Nevin, Manager of Donor Engagement
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Alexandra Maimone, Singer-Songwriter

Mike Liszkiewicz, Music Producer

Amanda D'Amico, Board Member
Philadelphia Center for the Book

Diana Trevisani

Shannon Zipfel

Jordyn Lyric

Daniel Bracy, Photographer

Hassan Ford, Independent Artist

Ann O'Rourke

Joshua McLucas, Actor and Director

Leslie Masson

Madeline Marino, Cheese Connoisseur

Michelle Smith

Jessica Baumert, Executive Director
Woodlands Trust for Historic Preservation

Miriam Singer, Artist

Danielle Ley, Risk Specialist

William Colella, Musician

Arielle Colella, Artist

Kirsten George, Interior Designer and Illustrator

Amber Smith

Rick Rein

Shannon ONeill
Rec Philly

Alyssa Dill, Designer

Jennifer Daniels

Olivia Wojtkielewicz, Philadelphian

Christopher Bryson, Citizen

Matt Sylvester , Talent Manager
REC Philly

Jason Tharp , Artist

Kelly Mager, Photographer

Joey Michalina Mariano, Musician, Artist, Educator, Programmer

Pepón OSORIO, Artist

Justin Knosp, Resident of South Philly/Tax payer

Delaney Chaffin

Kelley Lee

Marissa Bacon

Alli Adams, Freelancer

Davinica Nemtzow, Graphic Designer & Founder

Zach Langford , Filmmaker

Vi Pham, Art appreciator

Kyle Sparkman, Musician

Daniel Lopez, Engineer

Veronica Perez , Student

Daniel Simmons, Chairman Rush Arts
Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation

Rebecca Goldschmidt, Owner
The Random Tea Room

felix st.fort, Staff Artist
Murals arts Philadelphia

Zack Hartmann, Musician

Jill Ryan, Musician

Sophia Healy, Student

Ava Schwemler, Independent Artist & City Worker

sage copeland, Marketing Coordinator, Philly Luxury By The Daly Group
Mural Arts Philadelphia

Christopher Mossey, Vice President
Curtis Institute of Music

Jorge Rullan, Ballet Choreographer

Hannah Kloster, Student & Citizen

Rick Vega, Person

Tiffany Coles, Founder + CEO
Bosses Give Back Community Service Org

Rachael Friedman

Ali Amico

Margaret Hine , Creative arts therapist

Kiersten Rogenmuser

Cara yarmolowicz, Studio Manager

Annette Kaplafka , Theatre Artist, Voice Over Artist

Kimberly Morrill

Fee Dominguez , Artist/Educator

Emily Glycenfer, Freelance artist

Lisa Layne, Human

Emily Drinker, Singer, songwriter

A’Driane Nieves, Executive Director
Tessera Arts Collective

Mucho Garcia, Actor
Sag-Aftra Eligible

Kellyann Messick, Biz Dev

Sarah Nourie, Printmaker

Manda Quevedo, Photographer

Nic Justice, Director
Rough cuts filmmakers

Shohali Kabir, Musician/Artist

Sydney Friedmann , Media associate

Emma McHold Burke, BFA

Bradford Pearson, author and journalist

Amanda Rutter, writer

Rachel Appel, Librarian

John Zabala, Artist / Entrepreneur

Emily Amarnick , Plantbased Chef

Paul Magoon


Emily Dale White, Actor

Ethan Cohen

Kristina Boling-Smith, Licensed Social Worker

Bee Asaro, Visual merchandising manager

Daniel Smith, Music Teacher/Pianist
Meridee Winters School of Music

Melissa Dizon-Sawyer, Human Resources Administrator

Lauren Shaughnessy, Project Manager

Tamanya, Garza
Freelance Director, Producer and Power Street Theatre Advisory Board Member

Jaime Davis, writer and artist

Victoria Iannarelli, Graphic Designer

Sara Blumenthal, Teacher

Michele Ditto

Hannah Clark, fiber artist

Linda Brandon , Registered Nurse

Erin Boyle, Lawyer

Amy Montgomery

Niara Wright, Stylist

Mae Ehrnfelt, Student

Gregory A Davis, Associate

Lina Luong, Artist

Jenny Filer, Former dancer & administrator, arts supporter

Christopher Romano

Gianna Colantuono

Chelsea Grau

Nicole Rodrigues, Teaching Artist
Mural arts

Jordan Rockford , Adj. Assistant Professor
University of the Arts

Erika Betia, Visual Merchandising

Dan Papa, Tech Director/Filmmaker
Scribe Video Center

Maribel Alicea, Citizen

Angela Heaps, Member
Little Berlin

Rebecca Gonzalez, Program Coordinator

Ava Esquier

Karin Copeland , Designer/CEO

Nehad Khader, Program Director
BlackStar Projects

Ray Nichols, Student

Brad Carney, Owner
Brad Carney Studios

Peter Dennis, Search for the Infinite Light
The Dome

Katrina Becker

Hannah Moser, Artist

Phil Del Vecchio, Musician / Engineer

Amelia Dougherty , Central Registrar, Radnor township school district

Lucia Garzon, Artist

Scarlet Cimillo, Musician

Kaitlyn Ave'Lallemant, Philadelphia Actor

Ellyse Bendillo, Jeweler & Enamelist
Jeweler’s Row

Diamante Ortiz, Poet. Student. Creative
Rec Philly

Jenny Hobbs, Dir. Of Sales & Marketing
Simons Frank & Co.

Rita Greiman, Artist

Paul Goertel, Project Manager

Lyndsey McCormick, Performing Artist

Natasha Paulino, Student

Valentina Raffaelli, Musician
Valentina Sounds

Drew Rimple, Music Producer

Steve Teare, Illustrator

Jaime Wiesner, Artist

Janice Rowland , Actor
Tribe of Fools

Marc C. Johnson, Actor and Director
The Drama Group

Leah Friedman, Dancer

Alyssa Jimenez , Performing Artist

Kelly Nye

Allison Reilly

Taylor McFadden

Madhu Bora , Co director
Sattriya Dance Company

Hazim Hardeman, PhD Student

Caroline Glavin

David Jacob, UX Designer

Jason Fialkowski

Allison Abad

Mary Gehring, Teacher

Leandro Cortez, Architect

Alura Bove

Erin Scheckenbach, Director, Fellowship and Membership Relations
The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Aimee Lee Nemeth

Andre Bransford

Heather Marshall, Student

Jim Seykot
Temple University

Olivia Wynn, Assistant Director of Compliance

Katrina A. Santiago, Realtor, and Commercial Property/Casualty Insurance Client Manager

Gail Vivar, Social Media Editor

Kelly Dzioba , Administrative Assistant (former)
University of the Arts

Nick Shellenberger, Musician & Artist

Morgan Jefferson, Textile Designer

Nicollette Stephens , Artist

Sydney Bromfield, Writer

Nick T, Copywriter

May Truong, Designer

Isabella Romano

Oriah Lopez, Artist

Kayleigh Gumbrecht, Fiber Artist & Theatre Costumer

Carolina Downey, Designer

Darby Minter, Queer UX Designer


Ashley Carrega, Artist
The Blue Grotto

Abbie Lewis, Designer

Najja Keita
Not important

Sarah Conboy , SDP Teacher

Megan Dehmelt

Brittany Charlonne

Regan Larkin

Suzannah Cavanaugh

Leslie Thompson, Developer

Teddy Poneman, Artist


Theo Wyss-Flamm, Student
Big Picture Alliance

Kathleen Bush

Morgan Stevens , Student

Megan Smock
The University of the Arts

Aubrey Fink, Marketing + Comms Manager

Emily Gunkel, Student

Bridget Curtin, Writer

April Schneider, Philly Artist

Quinn Kostman

Alison Dilfer, Citizen

David Jordan , Engineer

Aimee Leong, Teaching Artist

Alicia Williams, Music Entertainment Consultant

Vanessa Zebekow, Student

Christina Acuna , Archaeologist

Victoria Balque-Burns , Art lover

Aeron Colmenar, Philadelphia citizen

Carlos Perez , Artist

Mary Rush, Artist

Benjamin Safran, Artist in Residence
Boyer College of Music and Dance

Hillary Anderson, cheesemonger

Abby Wilson, Writer, Student

Fatima Conteh, CEO

Jacqueline Mehalick, Student

Katie McQuail, Artistic Student
University of The Arts

Natalie Cross, Design Architect

Kelly McClay, Citizen

Emma Linneman , Artist

Svetlana Vodicka , Market Research Manager

Olivia Blahuta, Consultant

Sandrine Sheon, Sculptor

Gia Gladden, Fashion Designer

Jazmine Pignatello , Artist

Michelle Bedford, Artist

Joe Rush , Musician, Artist..

Tara Kleponis, Student

Matthew O’Brien, Singer-songwriter

Mel Oliver, Artist & Journalist
Philadelphia photo arts center

Colleen O’Leary Joy, Artist

Katie Keenan, Artist

Jay Wahl, Arts Leader

Ellyn Womelsdorf, Artiist

Anna Boffice, Citezen

Katie Bradley, Student

Allyson Beaver, Student

Tanner McIntosh, Financial Specialist

Stephanie Richards, Gemologist

Cassie Whitebread , Program Manager

Elisa Tavella , Artist

Renee Quarterman, Physician

Alyssa Cole, Production Manager and Marketing Associate
Wilma Theater

Priscilla Parshall, veterinary tech

Sheila Flaherty , Author

Anna Peyyee, Student

Shoshana Isaacs, Dancer

Lois Shestack

Kate Thompson, Educator

Zoe Millstein, Student

Elyse Preston, Taxpayer

Sarah Dolan, Digital Marketing Specialist

Sherry Casey, Teacher

Daniel Guillory, Citizen

Antonia Moffa, Student

Cameron Forrest, Artist

Samuel Sander-Effron, Project Manager

Walter Bilderback , Dramaturg at large
The Wilma Theater

Elisabeth Emery, Community Member

Matt Saunders, Designer

Olivia Federici, Artist, Writer

Casey Nyhus , Writer

Sophie Trefely, Scientist

Cecilia Figliuolo, Archivist

Gabriela Loredo, Artist

Jace Little, Student

Kathleen Brennan, Records Management Specialist

Lyndsey Matoushek , Designer and Illustrator

Danielle Leneé, Actress

Leilah Murphy, Nursing Student

Natalie Merritt, Director/Curator
High 5 Gallery, WCA Philly

Jenna Myers, Philadelphia Citizen

Rosalie Wetzel, Artist

Doug Myers, Musician

Sienna Robinson, Student

Jamie Epstein, Educator

Jordan Baum, Concerned Human

Albany Brown, Artist

Dominic Galante, Educator

Danielle Riedel, Author

Peter Ebenau, Musician

Jenna Howell, Artist

Sydney Keller , Student

JustonLee Locklear , PM

Rachael Amber, Freelance Artist

Katrina Biglin , BCBA

Dean H Rosenzweig, Artist

Laura Andrusko , Person

Marissa Yanos, Registered Nurse

Janelle Munro, Wardrobe & Prop Stylist

Amanda Raffaele, Jeweler

Katharine Miller, Social Work Student

Jackie Uveges , Social Worker

William Schmidt, Engineer and Musician

Maureen Murphy, Artist

Joseph Notton, Medical student

Maria DiMento, Artist

Delilah Morales, Student at Drexel University Westphal School of Media Arts and Design

Lauren Struble, Leadership development manager

Scott Spitzer, Photographer

Jordan Stalsworth, Resident

Erica Ruiz, Singer

Kimberly Lettiere, Fabricator

Christian Porto, Social Worker

Robert Grand, Account Coordinator
Cultural Counsel

Shelly Verma, Advocate

Liam Trumbore , Artist

Kathryn Loughlin, Artist

Ajay Shughart, AJAY
Omar’s Hat

Rowan Delaney, embroiderer

Kaia Chau, Student

Abe Barash, Student

Kemeka Hernandez , Nursing Assistant

Katie Storck, Artist

Kathryn Jones, Social Worker

Alex profit , Artist and commoner

Reanna Place, Artist

Shannon Klucaric , Artist

Quinn Mitchell, Philadelphia citizen

Shannon Locker, Photographer

Rachel dobkin, Artist

Ashley Reid, Business Owner

Luigi Magno, Musician, Photographer, and Videographer
Drexel University Student

Ruth Schanbacher, Artist

Angie Williamson, Philadelphian

Amy Smyth Murphy, Creative Entrepreneur
REC Philly Member

Maria Scharper , Human Resources

Paige Robinson, Designer

Michael Schaffner, Artist

Stefi Geevarghese, Teacher

RB Brown, Performing artist

Asali Solomon, Writer, Professor

Bonnie Glass, Social Worker

Gloria Santiago, Artist

Michelle Coles, Administrative support III

Dr. Diana Kennedy, Postdoctoral Fellow

Laura R, Artist

Kristi Omland , Citizen

Katharyn Wilber, Director Product Management

Jessica Enright, Student & Young Alumni Coordinator

Rebecca Michaels, Artist

Emily Green, Patron

Genevieve Coutroubis, Artist & Arts Leader

Kimberly Redman, Creator and Director in Film & Theatre

Ellie Miller , Student

Lucia Thome, Director

Kaitlyn Gang, Philadelphia Citizen

Colleen Rudolf, Artist

Nicole Phelps , Artist

Viktor van Bramer, artist

Robert V, Artist

Meli'sa Grier , Artist

Chloe Tolderlund, Artist & Student

Teri Connor, Art teacher

Michael Kelly, Stand-up comic

Jared Caracciolo, Writer

Jaclyn Zeal, Creative Director

Lynn Alpert, Architectural Historian

Mary Gaunt, art appreciator

Hillary Crawford, Producer

Joe Aftanis, Artist

Kaitie Sniffen, Superintendent

Nate king, Citizen

Karith Gingrow, Artist/Mobile Crafting Business

Tuesday LeRoy, Marketing Director
Warehouse on Watts

Rachel Sitkin Marks, Artist

Cayla Milius, Researcher

Kareem DaCosta, Photographer

Peter Cutty, NA

June Freifelder, Teacher

Leks Kamihira, Artist
Kamihira Store?

Lydia Hassell , Artist

Theresa Chiarenza , Architectural Designer

Sierra Skidmore, Designer and Business Owner

Mike Mahoney, MT-BC, Music Therapist

Diana Campeggio, Marketing Manager

Alex eckman-lawn, Artist

Rebecca Etter, Global Marketing Director

Rachel Ravitch, Educator

Shannon Crossan, Animator and illustrator

Kat Richter, Artistic Director
The Lady Hoofers Tap Ensemble

Andrea Jacobs, Lover & Supporter of the Arts

Zoe Cohen, Artist

Serena Hermitt, Student

Dyshaun Hines, Program Director
Philadelphia Global Identity Partnership

James Crymes, Technical writer

Ann Miller, University Administration

Karina Edwards, Pharmaceutical Chemist

Isabella Raposa, Actor

Natasha Vadas , Citizen

Christine Porcaro, Citizen

Helen Stanley, Physician

Kayla Farrer, Copywriter

Heather Murphy, Artist

Phil Pearson , Musician
Stoic Gnome

Heidi Wiley, Photographer

Shannon Christine , Poet

Rachel Murphy , Student

Andrea Fleegle, univerisity Student
DJ, musician and supporter of the arts

Karen karuza, Artist/professor

Katherine S Knob, Hairstylist

LIzbeth Herbert, Arts supporter

Mark Christman, Executive Director
Ars Nova Workshop

Portia Fullard, Executive Director

Jacqueline Quinn, Artist

Jeremy Elvas, Photographer

Alexandra Sayer, Artist

Lindsey Bloom, Art museum educator

Rodney, Artist/ program manager
Asian Arts Initiative

daniel lipschutz, artist

Erin McNamara , Registered Nurse

Amanda Pratt, Fundraiser

Joseph Hart, Musician/trade unionist

Mary Ebeling, Author

Melanie Jones, Founder
Hannah Y Caring Arts

Morgan Conroy, QA Analyst

Katia McGuirk, Artist

Amie DeSolis

Ravi Mittal, Auditor

Emilia Feldman , Artist, teacher, student

Katie Budris, Managing Director
The Lady Hoofers Tap Ensemble

Brian Weingarth, Mechanical Engineer

Alexis Angelini, Concerned citizen

Giselle Ferreira, Event Services Manager

Devin Asher Cohen, Artist
Liliput/Philiput Gallery

Claire Corsello, Phila Business Owner

Lawren Alice, Curator / Co-founder
Arch Enemy Arts

Shesheena Bray, Owner
Going Inward Wellness

Tenara Calem, Community Engagement Manager

Edward Arney, Artist

Samantha Soifer, Artist

Kirstyn Nocho, Designer

Stefanie Sutton, Vice President
AIGA Philadelphia

Katie Tackman, Artist and Curator
Gravy Studio

Gail Lloyd, Artist

Jesse Griffith, Musician

Emily Best, Student

James B Abbott, Artist in Residence, Cherry Street Pier

Ben Ynocnceio, Human

Victoria Vogel, Artist

Ashley Dubin, Psychologist

Chris Barron, Actor

Lauren Rinaldi, Artist

Laura Lacombe, Associate conservator

Damir Bishop, artist

Alyssa Fisher, Project Manager

Caroline Oddo, Assistant manager
Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

John Ott, Artist and Citizen

Rahmi Halaby, Creative Director

Emma LaNoce, Lab Research Tech & Student

Danny Murray, Student

Brendan O’Neal, Artist

Tate Kamish, Booking & Promotions Coordinator, Artist
World Cafe Live

Thomas Tasselmyer, Artist

Senia Lopez, Photographer & entrepreneur

Rob Wetherington , Artist

Ronnie Norpel, Artist

Andrew Santora, Artist

Ronnie Tynan, Citizen

Faye Sitron, Student

Emily B, Audio Engineer

Nicole Echols, Development Project Manager

Valerie Faustine, Philadelphia Resident

Abbi Kopf, Artist

Sarah Cassano

Emily Winters, Volunteer
Wilma Theater

Aimée Siegel, Artist

Christine Abbott

Ryan Krause, Citizen

Keenan Bennett, Artist and Educator

Brianna Borouchoff, Artist

Julia López, Artist

Andrea Purcell, Designer

Lisle Hummerston, Assistant Director of Enrollment Marketing
University of the Arts

Jackie miller, Artist

Kyle Ingram , Artist, Musician, Filmmaker

Anthony Razzano, Artist

Madeline Shuron, Artist/Educator

Olivia Lane, Sculptor

Michaela Shaw, Art Lover

Max Hoenig, Co-Founder, Manager & Keyboardist
Omar's Hat

Jonellie Rivera, Artist

Kaitlyn Rafferty, Marketing Coordinator
Live Nation

Mike Sgier, Artist

Josean Rivera , Art educator

Warren C. Lipka, Film & Media Arts

Eli VandenBerg, Board Member
Leeway Foundation

Diana Malandruccolo, Researcher

Caitlyn Deviney, Musician/Venue Owner

Anna Shoemaker, artist

Logan Roth, Musician

Carla Stine, Designer/Illustrator/Artist

Hanifah Jones, Writer

Megan Jenkins, Student

Samantha Koffler , Interior Designer

Rosemary Campellone, Artist

Josh Nussbaum, Musician

Theresa Shockley, Executive Director
CEC/Community Education Center

Doc Hero , Artist/ executive music producer
FOF Productions co

Mary McCool, Artist

Sean Fisher, Artist

Trina Cardamone, Copywriter

Stacy Dutton, Executive Director
Lantern Theater Company

Chelsey Bundy, Artist

Julia Naftulin, Writer

Queade Norah, Actor

Julie Smith, doctoral student, speech-language pathologist

Colleen pickup , Artist/ teacher
Pma, pafa, settlement music school

Susan Teegen, Executive Director

Bellisant B Corcoran-Mathe, Artist

Jessica Tramarin, Artist

Max Campbell, Owner
Oi! The Boat Records

Michelle Lau, Student

Lanre Akinsiku, Author

Amber Musser , Graphic Designer

Jarrett O'Hara , Chef

Christopher Prewitt, Artist

Carly Bodnar, Artist

Hannah Gold, Artist

Jake Nussbaum, PhD Student

Adam McVicker, Artist, Activist

Joni Lipson, 2nd Ward committee person

Jazzmen Underwood , Artist

Anna McFadden, Graphic Designer

Natalie Robin, Lighting designer and educator

Katherine Carpenter, Resident

Liv Pancheri, Artist

Sophie Maddocks, Media Researcher

Jennifer Childs, Producing Artistic Director
1812 Productions

Ben Levan, Production Manager
1812 Productions

David Martinez, Tattoo Artist
Ahava Tattoo Studio

Hilary Hertzler, Artist

Courtney C. Gambrell, Poet, Philadelphia Native

Casey McKenna, Artist

nina tsur, artist

Val Spektor, Mental Health Professional

Victoria Zdunkiewicz, Student/Artist

Jeanne D’Angelo, Artist

Jeanine Leclaire, Artist, owner
Thomson Leclaire Arts, LLC -Deviant Life Drawing

Nick Kril, Program Manager

Carolyn Mandracchia, Artist

jaime hutkin, Marketing Manager

Halle Ballard, Sculptor

Ian Gray, Musician
Ocean Avenue Stompers

Jessie donofrio, Account exec

Becky Chan, Designer

Jillian Calhoun, Retail Manager

Shannon D Ryan, Artist/Illustrator

Mike Romano, Artist, Musician

Basil Jackson, Marketing Coordinator

Lauren Downing, Nerissa Cooney, Kayla Romberger, Gee Wesley & Ricky Yanas, Co-Founders

Kyle O'Donnell, Teacher

Julia Shoaf, Student

Leo H., Artist

Mara Imms

Megan Hummell

Eden Alison Shurman

Leigh Heinbaugh, Sales Executive

Ryan Metzger, Artist

Lillian Hurley, Media Planner

Allyson Paul, Marketing Manager & Graphic Designer

Susan liedke, Art Educator
Settlement Music School

Emily Schellenger, Design Director
Studio x

Chris Archer, Studio technician/color wheels coordinator
Fleisher Art Memorial

Victoria walters, Photographer
Tessa Marie Images

Mick Mejides, Fashion Buyer, Artist, Performer

Avi, Circus Artist
Almanac Dance Theater

Roseanne Paradiso, Artist & lover of all people and the arts

Christina Libetti, Artist
Octothorpe Industries

Amanda Bock, Curator

Shannon Sims, Photographer / Artist

John Maldonado, Graphic Designer

Madeline Svengsouk , Student

Samantha Auman, Writer

Hannah McKeever

Rebecca Chan, Executive Director
Friends of the Rail Park

Michelle Crooks, Program Coordinator

Emily Marie Hawkins, Librarian

Nicole Zell, Artist

Kelia Ideishi, Artist

Isabella T, Photographer

Laura Penn, Graphic Designer

Rahsheen, Pastry Chef

Madeline Wilk, Museum Education Workshop Assistant
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Barnes Foundation

Leah Mackin, Artist
People's Museums of Philadelphia

Suzanne Hunter, Graphic Designer

Jody Austin, Artist, Producer
The Collective Mic Productions

Maria valerio, Photographer, student

Nicole Zimmer, RN

James Bonney, Artist / Designer
Space 1026

Sehrish Rashid, Writer

Alana Clerkin, Project Coordinator

Nora Gross, Director
CAMRA, University of Pennsylvania

Michelle Barbieri, Managing Director
Klip Collective

Allison Lumsden, Illustrator

Graham Cuddy, Artist

Gabrielle Castro, Programming and Production Coordinator

David Sutcliffe, Filmmaker

Lady Miah Kane, Multimedia Technician
University of Pennsylvania

Nicole Shaw, Artist and Writer

Bernadette Norton, Concerned citizen

David Silver, Founder & CEO

Rashid Zakat, Filmmaker

Jammie Patton, Artist

Tykee J. Thurman, Artist, Business Owner

Kiameshia McPherson, Citizen

Debora Kodish, Folklorist

Aileen Haggerty, Teacher

A. Madsen Minax, Assistant Professor of Art & Art History
University of Vermont

Cheryl Ann Nelson, Professor of English
Zora Neale Hurston Festival of Arts and Humanities

Daulton Davis, Forester

Isaiah Luck, Producer & Host
Black Tribbles

Josh Hey, Artist
Paxico Records

Rose Johnson, citizen

Tawobi , Artist

Kiara C Jones, Director
Cultivated Films LLC

Tiona Nekkia McClodden, Visual Artist + Filmmaker

Barbara J Marshall, Artist, docent, retired educator
African American Museum in Philadelphia.

Katherine Locke, Associate Director, Evaluation and Learning

Dorothy Gordon , Director
Kulu Mele African Dance & Drum Ensemble

Caroline Ezzo, process consultant

Julia Gaskin-West, Citizen

Luke O’Brien, Artist

Magda San Millan, Artist

Carina Yervasi , Film studies teacher

Jessica Myhr Reich, Development Director
The Phoenix Theatre PA

Bennett Purdy, Student

Zainab Ali, Producer

Katherine Panchal, Maker

Ginny Granato, Student

Alyson Albertson

Miki Poy, Manager, Recruitment

Travis Staples, Consumer of the Arts

Jeremy Prouty, Artist
Upholstery, REC Philly, Hardwork Movement

Nina Johnson, Assistant Professor
Swarthmore College

Linnea West, Manager of Adult Public Programs
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Zeek Burse, Artist/Musician, Brand, Humanitarian

Aronté Bennett, Professor

Sloan Seale, Instructor

Bunmi Samuel, Founder & Co-Founder
Able World & Headline Theater Company

Ms. Morenike Olabunmi, Artist

Valerie De Cruz, Supporter of the Arts

Jane Cammisa , Student

Aaron M Cohen, Photographer

Kimi Tallant, Self Employed Artist

Hilary Anderson, Citizen

Jules Davis, Freelance Artist

Karen Hunter McLaughlin, Lead Member, Artist
Artessa Alliance

Jamica Cropper-Pam, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Kenneth Shumski, Musician

Aubrey Lynch, Architect

liza samuel, artist

Adriano Shaplin, Artist

Deron Albright, Filmmaker and Professor

Shawn Towey, Artquilter and child care advocate

Alexa Fontecha, Drexel Graduate

Taylor Jedlinski, Head of Audio

Katie Wieser, patron

Maia Palmer, Artist

Joshua Demaree, Director
215 Festival

Raihana Zagsa , Student

Hannah Greene, Artist

Brooke Hiban, Artist

Alex Shaw, Musician/Cultural Producer

Marie Hathaway, Freelance Editor

Keishla Lagoa, Artist

Keeley Flack, Designer

Megan McDermott, Theatre Artist

Nikia Hill, Citizen

AJ Quon, Graphic Designer and Video Director

Ashabí Rich, Writer, Artist, Educator

rebecca davisdon, consultant

Al San Valentin, Early Childhood Educator, Art Educator

John Kurlandski , Event creator

Carlos aponte , President
We love Philly

Robert Sprinkle, MSW

Mary Stromquist, arts and justice supporter

David Penkower, Data Analyst

Sarah Bruni, Artist

Sophia Palmisano, Artist & Student

Shatara Michelle Ford, Filmmaker

Cody Dallas, Assistant Director

Paige Knapp, Patron

Jeffrey W. Anthony, Health educator/sexual violence prevention

Rosalind Bloom, Artist

Jennifer Martin, Arts Leader

Sean Close, Actor, Teaching Artist

Benjamin Barnett, Media Futurist
Media Bureau, inc/Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

Marina Kec, Dancer

Danielle Kessler, Supporter of the arts

Kathryn Martinez, Engineering Director

Elizabeth A Billings, Music Teacher

Natalie Stuart, Student

Salomé Younes , Artist

Allie Jessar, Doctoral Student

Stephanie Malson, Filmmaker/Professor

Claire Moncla, Creative Director
The Head & The Hand

Alex Sanchez, Healthcare administrator

Chris Hupfeldt, Agency Director
REC Philly

Janet Goldwater, Documentary producer
Attie & Goldwater Productions

Amelia Estrada, Dance Artist
Megan Flynn Dance Company

Carolina Ramirez, Photographer

Halima Ervin, Registered Respiratory Therapist

Kalichandra Taylor, Vegan Chef

Andrew Ervin, Novelist

Nava EtShalom, Poet

Ennis Carter, Director
Social Impact Studios

Vanessa Paige, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager

Matt Neff, Director, Undergraduate Program in Fine Arts and Design
University of Pennsylvania

Shannon Smith, Speech Language Pathologist

Molly O’Connor , Student

Sarah Smothers, Artist
Space 1026

Amanda Antonelli, Support Coordinator

Kali, Program manager
Mural arts philadelphia

Hala Subaiti, Supporter of the Arts and Justice

Chaya Arabia, Student

Sarah Welsh, Biomedical PhD student

Mada Susan Subaiti , Artist

Athena Dixon, Writer, Editor, Publisher
Linden Avenue Literary Journal

Annette Burgess, Writer
Gurlco Media

Heather Byrd , Supporter of the Arts and Justice

Xichelle Montes , Writer

Ryann Casey, Artist & Curator

Nina Karin Isaacson, Filmmaker

Michelle Hurtubise, VAST President, Temple University
Visual Anthropology Society at Temple

Dejae Lo, Managing Director

Virginia Halden, Choir Member
Voices of Pride Choir

Carson Warren, Artist

Lauren Ruhnke, President
Anthropology Graduate Student Association

Hakima Benjamin, Producer

Charlotte Abbott, Production Designer

Connor Przybyszewski, Trombonist, Founding Member
Space Whale Orchestra

Richard Power Hoffmann, Filmmaker
Spring Garden Pictures

Katie Brown

Gabriel Preston, Artist

Maude Potter, Multi-media Artist

Emily Carris-Duncan, Artist/Project Director
The Art Dept

Sophie Coran, Artist

Eli B Edison, Artist

Rachel Blair , Project Manager

Aileene Halligan Cantiello, Teacher

Satya Nelms, Writer, Podcast Host
Our Mothers’ Gardens: a podcast

Leah Garrity , Teacher

Caitlin Devone , Graphic Designer

Karin Snyder, Coach

Bailey Spiteri, Flutist

Prithi Chandra, Assistant Director

Brian A Wilson, Actor/Singer
Tims Boyz Productions

Hannah Schwarzman, Vintage Retail Associate

Anaya Cherry, Programming Assistant, Creative Consultant, DJ & Student at Drexel University
REC Philly

Christopher Gage, Artist

Aaron Jeong, artist, student

Peter R Varga, Artist
The Antidote

Jamie Santoro, Writer, Lover of black artists

Lauren Wrightson, Artist

Sean Kearney, Co-founder and Host
The Hatchery Reading Series

Kelly Chambers, Constituent

Mina Zarfsaz, Artist/Adjunct Assistant Professor
Temple University

Blessing Osazuwa, Singer-songwriter/Assistant Music Director
Penn Wynne Presbyterian Church

Luis Loza, Musician

Noelani Montas, Design Student

Sarah Magazzo, Non-profit co-founder

Ashleigh Stangel, Artist

Naomi F. Fields, Medical student; Dancer

Charlie Catacalos, Musician

Shaunia Bronson , Artist

Sheryl harold, Citizen of the USA

Sarah Hunter, Artist

Normadene Murphy, Member, Board of Directors

Carter Moss, Writer

Phil Conine, Independent Musician / Producer

Ikechukwu Okorji, Singer/Songwriter

Deborah A. Thomas, Director
Center for Experimental Ethnography, University of Pennsylvania

Carla weeks, Artist

Bella Bakrania, Artist

Mel Regn, Sr. Manager for Institutional Relations
Mural Arts Philadelphia

Peggy Curchack, Arts supporter

LaToya Haynes, Podcaster, writer and news reporter

Yolonda Johnson-Young, (Artist) Film/Director
SIFTMedia 215

Alejandro Rodriguez, Musician

Noni Rene , Artist
NLF Entertainment, LLC

Samantha Longdin, supporter/patron

Ashley Peel, Co-Owner
Philadelphia Independents

Dayana E. Velasco Manzano, Filmmaker

Rebecca crouse, Artist

Alison Cornell, Engagement and Communications Coordinator
Rock to the Future

Valerie Keller, Producer/Editor
Hidden River Films

Marcus Barainyak, Artist
The Phoenix Theatre

Vanessa Giannelli, Artist/Art Supporter

Venetta Robinson, Citizen, Budding Artist

Laura Bonacci

Amber Weeks, Designer

Kathy Chan, Artist

Cristal Williams , Citizen

Hava Rubin, Creator & Chiropractor

Sarah Crake, Supporter

Mark Blavat, Adjunct Faculty

Anna Pachner, Artist/Curator

Milaya Gregory, Artist

Trey Taylor, Musician

Meredith Hacking, Scholar

Taylor Sabatini, Student of the Arts
Temple University TFMA

Thom Duffy, Artist

Noni Clemens , Program Manager
Mural Arts Philadelphia

Jennifer Kidwell, Artist

Namarah A. McCall, Artist, Performer
Anjelic Arts & Enertainment

Grace Humphries, Artist

Nicole Schaefer, Artist

Ben Rosen, Musician

Conner Saltzer, Musician

Emily Haynes, LEO

Keshia Bee, Hip hop podcaster

Olivia Humphries, Artist

Laura Lizcano, Artist

Karyn Gerred, Executive Director
The Resource Exchange

Sarah Bloom, Artist

Traci Hook, Citizen

LC Townes, Artist

Anna McGlynn, Cartoonist

Jon Pierre, CEO
Pier Entertainment LLC

Lyn Godley, Artist + Professor

DJ Jazzy Jeff, Artist

Thom Weaver, Co-Founder

Tina Coccia , Aesthete

Julian King, Singer/Songwriter

Summer Blake, Filmmaker

Joon H. Bae, Artist

Claudia Sonke, Photographer

Khalil White, Artist

Douglas M, Writer

Alec Smith , Artist/ curator
From Here On Out

Samantha Kordelski, Marketing Manager

Eric Sherman, Omar's Hat, West Philadelphia Orchestra

Denise Philipbar, Artist

Madeline Bacha, Tour manager

Elizabeth Scanlon, Editor in Chief
The American Poetry Review

Mariah Paredes, Student

Devon Walker, Artist, Editor

Julianne Marble, Artist

Jenny McFarland, Personal Assistant

Joie Meyers, Artist

Lindsey Brasberger, Implementation Director

Kenwyn Samuel, artist

Jeffrey holder, Board of directors

Meghan Reilly, Teacher and Artist

sarah kolker, Teaching Artist
Mural Arts

Emily Rodrick, Artist

Kyisha "LaShia" Smith, Recording artist

David Dunlop, Philadelphia Public School Student

William Henry Felinski, Artist, Curator, Director
Olio Projects

Gretchen Brock Washington, Citizen

Madeline Burk, Actress

Mya Fuentes, Student

Molly Conlin, Artist
Deviant Life Drawing

Daniel Tait, Artist

Emily Joynton, Art Director, Illustrator

Chris Plehal, Creative Director

Tim Greaves, Teacher

Tabitha Ford, Student

Griffin Stanton-Ameisen, Actor

doug greene, Theater Artist

Ryan Hendriksen, Tax Payer

Iman Aaliyah, Artist

Kebi Denard, Pilates Instructor

Galadriel Sevener, Citizen

Lydia Azondekon, Artist/ Program Director

Sarvelia N Peralta-Duran, Philadelphia resident & University Administrator

Justin Whetzel, Administrative Professional

Max Mester, Actor

Danielle Riccio, Artist

TJ Walsh, Artist, Psychotherapist, Board of Directors (InLiquid)

Sean Agnew, Partner
Union Transfer

Jordan Friedman, Theatre Maker

Marisa Rebecca, Photographer
Redfield Photo

Julia Murphy, Spyral Storm

Blair J. Campbell, Illustrator

Erin Carney , Citizen

Gretchen Kehan, Program Creator + Writer

Gabrielle Chapman, Artist

Julie Murphy , Freelance, multi-associate
Spyral Storm juliemurphyarts

Kiley Baun, Interior designer

Tristan Pavlik, PA specialist

Sula Kritikos, Attorney

Evan Tannenbaum, Cellist

Alexandra Orgera, Artist

Sarah Shaw, Museum Educator and Resource Center Coordinator
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Rebecca Smith, Stage Manager

Taylor Hultquist-Todd, Freelace illustrator

Sean Fennell, Writer

Alex DeLuccia, Musician

M. Nzadi Keita, Artist

Corey Danks, Artist, Curator, Organizer
Most Known Unknown

Rachel Foulds, Artist

Scott Muir, Musician
Get Well, Withstand

Kate Tyler Wall, Writer/Editor/Famed punk-rock attendee

Johnny Ray Gill, Actor / Director

Matthew Goetz, Cinematographer

Kathleen Choe, Artist
Revolution Shakes

Conor Kelly OBrien, Artist

Ann H Keech, Artist
Philadelphia Dumpster Divers

Jon Billett, Director of Product Design

Gina Taylor , Artist

BRIANNE SCOTT, Clinical Social Worker in Philadelphia Public school and Yoga teacher in Philly LIbraries and Rec Centers Roots2Rise

Cori Shepherd, Acori Honzo

Beth Couture, Writer, therapist

Megan Killea, Arts Patron

Tom Reing, Artistic Director
Inis Nua Theatre Company

Kyle Edwards, Artist

Dana Waldman, Artist

Lindy Quick, Artist & Graphic Designer

Thomas Bond, Artist

Mihoko Samejima, Architect

hayley buffman, Project manager

Hannah Westerman , Creative director
Avenue West

Emily Wilson, Administrative Associate
Lantern Theater Company

Caitlin Mede, Counselor

Muffy Ashley Torres, Artist

Michaela Shuchman, Theater Maker

Emily Wanamaker, Playwright and Director

Michael Kuetemeyer, Artist Educator
Temple University / Termite TV

ang manying , artist

Anastassia Anderson, Freelance Filmmaker

Kristen Carter, Writer

Lamar Williams, Writer/Filmmaker

Samuel Noko, Film producer

Michael Kiley, Sound Designer

Marlita Thorn, Citizen

Kim Wilson , Artist

Patricia Toy, Development Associate & Arts Supporter
Inis Nua Theatre Company

Rodrigo Pichardo , Musician

Emily Demarest, Architect

Jolynn Santiago, Artist

Alfiya Latypova, Artist

Emily DeStefano, Manager

Sara Mrljak, Educator

Brittany Byrd, Artist

Keith E Blackwell, LIFE COACH

Austen Travis, Musician, writer

Chuck Heard, Human

Richenda Cope, Artist

Monroe Isenberg, Artist

Sami Newman, Public Relations Freelancer

Shaun Kreider, Artist, Designer

Kate Clayton , artist, designer

Sarah Martinez-Helfman, President
Samuel S. Fels Fund, arts and culture funder

Laurel Johnson, Performer

Eoin S. Halpin, Owner
Halpin Garden

Robin Downs, Concerned Black American

Krista Yank, Nurse Practitioner

John Frosber, Board Member
Shakespeare in Clark Park

Marisa D’Andrea, Artist

Jennifer Bolinger , Musician

Jonai Gibson-Selix, Artist

Ng'endo Mukii, Film Director

Jessie Hemmons, Artist

Erin Marhefka, Photographer

Donna Waxler, Teacher, artist

Emma Ditnes, Artistic and Administrative Assistant
MacGuffin Theatre and Film Company

Hannah Mittermeier, Screenwriting Student, Musician

Lindsay Sparagana, Teaching Artist

Gabriella Johnson, Art Historian

James walsh, Dj

Erin Taylor , Counselor

Cory Budden, Musician

Jennifer Turnbull, Artist, Educator, Cultural Worker

Ian McLaughlin, Artist

Rucyl Frison, Artist

Helene Broitman, Managing Director
Open Hearts On Tour

Ann Peters, Germantown Show participant and ongoing supporter
The Imperfect Gallery

Ian Sampson, Artist, Teacher

Jordan Witt, Artist

Roger C. Allen, Creative Director
Fresh Artists

Ross Sullivan, Artist, Student
university of the arts

Liza Jenza, Artist

Alexander Huss, Teacher

Joslyn Newman, Artist

Katie Burns, Artist

Gabrielle Bonghi, Artist
Freelance Artist

Jessica Mulcahy-Miller, Program Coordinator

Niki Avataria , Musician

Bahilya McFadden, Healthcare Worker

Leslie Grossman, Administrative Coordinator
Crane Arts LLC

Dylan Matukaitis, Graphic Designer

Richard Walther , Artist

Karen Redrobe, U Penn Professor

Chase Dougherty, Student
University of the Arts

Lara Sinangil, Grant Writer/Singer

Yesenia Huerta-Guia, Independent visual artist

Dana Henry, Artist

Pip Marhefka, Artist

Gregory Martino , Administrator

Ori Roe, Artist

Lindsay Fryer, Owner, Cactus Collective

Corby Smith

Alyssa Batsakis, Actress/Teaching Artist

Michael Heaney, Engineer

Zeynep Gunbay, Product Designer

Veronica MJ, Musician/Curator/Teaching Artist

Ali, Grants Manager
Lantern Theater Company

Zachary Kuzel, Musician, Philadelphian
The York Street Hustle

Rachel Icenogle, Musician/Composer

Zoe Strauss, Artist

Mary Yee, Board Member
Asian Arts Initiative

Cierra Rivers, Writer

kai akwei bey, artist

Renee Warnick, Musician

Chris Powell, Musician, Producer, Educator

Nicole Hehn, MFA student, artist, veterinarian

Roger A. Martinez, Musician/Composer

Latifah Fields, President
National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. - Pennsylvania Chapter

Jodi kosoy schaff, Business owner fashion

Summer Adams, Artist

Donyale Y. H. Reavis, Esq., Attorney Advisor, Calyx Advisors
Emerging Leaders Circle, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Molly kane , Teacher

Leah, Brand Strategist
Skai Blue Media

Whit MacLaughlin, Artistic Director
New Paradise Laboratories

Dan Hodge, Co-Founding Artistic Director
Philadelphia Artists’ Collective

Sidra Sheikh, Student

Olivia Kaufman, Artist and Landscape Designer

Anita Persaud Holland, Mother of Artist

Adriana Amador-Chacon, Bronte

Brooke Wimberley, Freelance Animator


Tessa Ellis, Freelance Musician and Teaching Artist

Jackson kramer, Artist

Sarah Kowalski, Writer

Kristen Rice

Tamira Moore, Operations Coordinator
BlackStar Film Festival

Suli Holum, Artist
Wilma Theater

Suzanne Landau, President, co-founder
Philadelphia Women in Film and Television

adam ledford, teaching artist
Pma, Clay Studio, UCAL, neighborhood potters

Leigh Dotey, Artist

Sophie Cooper White, Artist

Haley Machir, Artist, Consumer, Supporter

Jessica Simkins, Managing Director
Inis Nua Theatre Company

Christine Chacko, Board Member
Nichole Canuso Dance Company

Arin Sullivan, Theatre educator

Laura Singewald, Artist

Arlene Fernandez, Media-maker & researcher

Florence Madenga, Student
Annenberg School for Communication

Emily Maroni, President
Philadelphia Freedom Band

Wendy Goldberg , School Counselor

Sarice Greenstein , Citizen

Helen Barsz, Musician

Aaron Bos-Wahl, Artist, educator

melissa resurreccion, press director
WHIP Radio

David Feinberg, Educator

Onyx Finney, Entrepreneur

Tom W Bonner, Program Manager
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

Baye Fletcher, Artist and Musician

Laura Vosberg, Artist

Alexander Mitana, Musician

RA Friedman, Artist/Educator

Shayna Bayard, Parent of Black children in Philadelphia who participate in the arts

Emma, Artist
Tyler School of Art Alumni

Sarah Van Keuren, Artist, Adjunct Professsor University of the Arts (no longer teaching)

Leon Funchess, Artist, Educator

Camika Hurdle, Citizen

Aaron Pond, Musician/Curator

Tanya Zumstein, Artist

Erin Fox, Musician

Linda Slodki, Cofounder
Mt Airy Art Garage

Alex Battaglia, Artist

Jennifer Kertis-Veit, Photographer

Skylar Jeffries, Artist

Pat McLean-Smith, Director
Tomorrow's Girls

Angel Hogan, Poet

Kelly Shindler,

Abby Weissman , Artist
Revolution Shakespeare and others

Kyle Lang, Artist

Rain Jorge, Artist

Stephen Megargee, Ballet School Administrator


Rachel Camp, Theatre Philadelphia board member, independent theater artist
Theatre Philadelphia

Luca Fontes, Artist

Stephan Way, Art looker

Viren N Patel, Project Architect

Greg Corbin , Arts Director, Artist, Curator

Sarah Christy, Arts Administrator

Anders Hansen, Artist
The Plastic Club of Philadelphia

Robert Seitz, Teaching artist
University City Arts League, Spiral Q, The Print Center

Orkan Telhan, Artist

Sara Karlen , teaching artist

KB VanHorn, Art Teacher
Philadelphia Montessori CS

Shantee Rosado, Professor

Kara Khan , Artist

Kate Kramer, Board Member

Jeffrey Tan, Citizen

Leone Reeves, Union 44 Property Master / Performance Artist / Director
In association with IATSE Local 44 (CA.) / The Kansas City Art Institute (MO.) / The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (IL.).

Gabriella Frisone, Citizen

Dallas Taylor, Student

Sofia Vivado, Development Associate
Mural Arts Philadelphia

Robin Chakrabarti, Operations Coordinator

Catherine Westerduin, Program director
Poético dance collective

Christine Elise, Artist Music Therapist, HG Music LLC

Francesca Altamura, New Museum Union Delegate
UAW—Local 2110

Imani Roach, Artist, Educator
University of the Arts, Vox Populi, University of Pennsylvania

Anula Shetty, Co-Director
Termite TV Collective

Carrie DuPree, Human Being

Ben Passmore, Cartoonist and Graphic Journalist

Nicole Steinberg, Poet

Heather Jackson, Arts Administrator

Courtney Brown, Artist & Designer

Yasmine El Gheur, Citizen, Advocate, Admin
University of the Arts

David Acosta, Artistic Director
Casa de Duende

Molly Washok, Stage Manager

Jai Monee' , Stylist, Buyer, Creative Director
Point Blank Vintage, The Sable Collective

Samantha Gunkel, Chef

Tierra Rich, Educator

Sadie Francis, Artist

Mateo Vargas , Filmmaker

Sarah Robbins, Senior Manager of Youth Partnerships, Educator, Parent

Mark Kennedy, artist

Vashti DuBois, Executive Director
The Colored Girls Museum

Jessica Alber, Cake Decorator, Artist

Isaac Ewell, Creative

Michael Clemmons, Curator
The Colored Girls Museum

Mary Heron, Member
Black Star Arts

Sharon Hayes, Artist and Teacher
MFA Program, Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania

Alex Gold, Artist

Camille Acker, Writer

Juston Lee Locklear, Project Manager

Kevin Isaiah Brown , Artist

James Powell, Musician

Emani Moore, Artist

Thom Stead, Artist

Elizabeth Samet, Creative Director

Walker Tufts, Artist

Verónica Ayala, Program Assistant

Jordyn Lyric, Photographer

Debbie Rudman, Programming Director

Taylor Cawley, Artist

Nasha Taylor, Community Engagement Director

Victoria Klein, Artist,

Stephane Rowley, Artist/Arts Educator

Christine Manturuk, Art Therapist

Ryan Saunders, Technical Director, Media Maker

Babs Weiss, Artist
Spillway Collective

Sergio Galeano, Video Producer

Lilly McGonigle, Artist

Kendra Grimmett, Art Historian

Kimberly Willcox, Artist
Tyler School of Art

Kim Barbetta, Artist/Performer

Alexis Lam, Designer

Jude Ray, Documentary Filmmaker, 1st Co-President/Founding Board Member
PWIFT: Philadelphia Women in Film and Television

john butler walthausen, Musician, multi-media artist

Katrina Carroll-Haskins, Art Therapist/Educator

Christy Lee, Artist

J.J. El-Far, Director of Development and Communications
Pig Iron Theatre Company

Hannah Spear, Artistic Associate
Lantern Theater Company

Adina Hill, Artist
Student of the Fleisher Art Memorial

Meghan Dwyer, Healing Artist

Maura Blanchard, Music Educator

Maura Gallagher, Sales director

Franchella Simmons, CEO of Jet PLane Boyz Entertainment

Dianne Loftis, Artist & Cultural Producer
Creative Resilience Collective, Glen Foerd on the Delaware

Margaret Coons, Actor

Tyler B Blanchard, Artist, Educator

Kaitlin Worden, Social Worker

Hannah Zlomke, Dance teacher

Zoey Janusz, Artist

Lisa Sullivan, Stage Manager

Joseph Lazaro Rodriguez, Artist and Registered Nurse

Kristen Hammond , Mental Health Therapist

Sahar Coston-Hardy, Photographer

Eve Miller, Musician

mollie caffey, alumi / adjunct
Tyler School of Art

Anne Stassen,

Alison Scott, Artist, Creator
Painted Closet

Beatrice Zovich, Citizen

Jennifer-Navva Milliken, Artistic Director
The Center for Art in Wood

Linda Fernandez, Artist
Amber Art and Design

Rahman Wortman , Music Journalist
WXPN/The Artistry Collective

Ashley Humphries

Paige Weinman , Designer

Gina Lindner, Intern
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Sarah Kate Burgess, Artist

Zachary Simonson, Artist

Alicia Piscitelli, Graduate Student

Danielle Robinson Stephens, Citizen

Tailinh Agoyo, Director
We Are the Seeds of CultureTrust

Chelsea Steinberg , Recetionist
Settlement Music School

Kayla Bobalek, After School Director
Movemakers Philly

Suzanna Talento, Medical Student

James Chase Springer, Writer and Editor
Bangarang Arts Collective

Emily Serna, Writer

Chris Wu, Partner & Director

Lina Pearson, Artist

Jeremy Klinger, Creative Director & Graphic Designer
Jeremy Zombie Design

Blake Bradford, Educator and Cultural Advocate

Emily Hou, Citizen

Accra Eshe Zuberi, Community Arts Coordinator
University City Arts League

Naomi Clere Weiss, Artist

Ron Wyffels, Artist / Printmaker

Heather Levi, Drummer
Unidos da Filadelfia

Hannah Bartling, Content Manager

Susan Viguers, Board member
Philadelphia Center for the Book

Jacinta Yelland, Performing Artist

Jackie Gallagher, DJ & Event Producer

Esther Baker-Tarpaga, Artist/Parent/Organizer
Propelled Animals and Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project

Maddie Lasser, Special Events
Former Philadelphia Museum of Art Employee

Emma Rutenberg, Artist

Catherine Sukovich, Financial analyst

Andria Bibiloni, Artist & Law Student

sam riley, Lover of Culture & Art

Audrey Parise, Manager

Joanna Reeves, Retired Minneapolis teacher, middle school

Audrey Coffey, Student

Gloria Martinez, Artist

Emily Smith, Artist & Cultural Worker

Brianna Hayes, Artist

Luca Bokulich, artist

Zachary Flick, Theatre Director

Abbey Pitzer, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Karla Thompson, Educator, Artist

Anne Shuff, Finance & Communications Consultant
Lantern Theater Company

Kristin S. Rein, Artist

Shelley Hedlund, Artist

Jun Nakamura, Incoming Suzanne Andrée Curatorial Fellow in the Department of Prints
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Natalie Saez, Artist and Therapist

Alex Kauffman, Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Laura Sallade, Artist

Gabrielle Poore, Citizen

Bruno Catrambone, Musician

Dorene Reggiani, Program Manager

Allegra Millan, Teacher

hope rovelto, Artist CEO small business

Anne L Canfield, Artist

Sarah Robinson, Administrator

Bryanna Hastings, Small Business Owner

James Imbierowicz, Filmmaker

Nick Cassway, Artist
Nexus/ foundation for today's art

Janet Neukirchner, Former Stage Manager

Nick D, Artist/Student

Destiny Davis, Artist

Amanda Bartley, artist

Rachel Guerra, Specialty Department

Jake Wilkins, Musician

Miles Crabtree, Student / Youth worker

Michele Tantoco, Artist

Anna Lynn-Palevsky, Public Health Practitioner

Amanda Martinez, Florist

John Comune, Artist

Emma Weiss, Photographer

Cory Wilson, music producer

Keely Sibilia , Philly Arts for Black Lives

Alice Inacker, Psychologist

Julie Wilson, Operations Coordinator

Susan Seifert, researcher, culture & urban communities
Social Impact of the Arts Project (SIAP) at Penn

Alex Mansour, Artist

Hannah Burke, Sr. Admin Asst.
University of the Arts

Claire C, Non-profit Co-Founder

Elisa Seeherman, Director of Career Services
University of the Arts

Linette Kielinski, Artist / photographer

Shannon Adams, Artist

Lisa Haskell, Artist and educator

Elizabeth Spungen, Executive Director
The Print Center

Sophia Mangasarian, Constituent

Tessa kennamer, Arts Administrator

Travis Hill, 5th Grade School Teacher

Beck Gusler, Artist, Educator
University of the Arts

Tommy Conley, Artist

Morgan MacConnell, Artist

Celine McBride, Dancer, graphic designer

Jessie R Luterman, Artist

Phoebe Funderburg Moore, Artist

Kimberly Maxson, Artist

Stephanie Flores, Artist

Sarah Kostoryz, teacher

Romi Butscher, Artist, Student, Community Member
Tyler School of Art

Asher Lentz, Student and Artist

Phoebe Grace, Artist

Lisa Volta, artist

Harriet Power, Freelance director & Emeritus Professor of Theatre

Laura Thistle, Digital Producer

Lou Serna, Curator. Artist.

Stephanie Seymour , Writer

Greg Ryan, Artist

Ashley Ernest, Artist

Natasha Warshawsky, Artist

Morgan Hobbs, Artist
AUTOMAT Gallery & PAFA Alumni

Alison Lindley, Artist

Kealt Rodgers, Advocate

Monica Zimmerman, Educator

Michael Ferreri, Artist

Eva Wo, artist

Jonathan Lyndon Chase , Artist

Julianna Barca, Artist

Dara Haskins, Artist

Lindsay Robbins, Artist
Alumni of Pennsylvania Academy if Fine Arts, BFA and Certificate Program 2012

Charles Jones, QA analyst

Clint Jukkala, Artist

Diane Richards, Artist

Stephanie Barrale, Artist

Richelle Kota, Artist

Jason Lipow, Artist

Jacob Zelenkofske, Artist

Doron Langberg, Artist, former PAFA alum and faculty member
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Matthew Sepielli, Artist and Professor

Jenn Gulgren, Artist, MFA student

Lei X. Ouyang, Associate Professor of Music
Swarthmore College

Eric Preisendanz, Advisor, Consulting
Revolvd, Philadelphia Stewards

Hannah Wood, Board member, educator
Project Capoeira

Ryan Strand Greenberg, Curator

Lynn Mather, Musician
Young Audiences Inc

Maia Chao, Artist and Co-Creator
Look at Art. Get Paid.

Janis B Pinkston, Artist/Art Teacher/Arts Advocate

Brenda s Lewis, Artist

Sophia Jin Malatesta, Student/Artist

Mathilde Pateau, Artist
alumnus of Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Nia Pettis, Artist

Sabrina Shaffer, Artist

Caralyn Spector, Creative Strategist and Change Agent

Sam Schetina , Artist

Loren Groenendaal, Artistic Director of Vervet Dance
Vice President of the Board of Mascher Space Cooperative

Zornitsa Stoyanova, Director
BodyMeld - new dance platform

Breanna Perry, Director
Old City Sweethearts

Asimina Chremos, Artist

Emma Bradley, Artist
Old City Sweethearts

April Tester, Airlines

Priscilla Bell Lamberty , Artist

Melanie Delach, Artist

Constance McBride, Artist

Basak Kilicbeyli, Graphic Designer, MFA Student

Olivia Brown, Dance artist/educator

will kelly, Pafa alumni

Jillian Clark, Artist
Old City Sweethearts

Sarah Lesnikoski, Artist/Student

Jennifer Baker, Artist

Emily Abendroth, Writer & Educator

Katherine Kushin, Site Director

Hattie sloane, Artist

Jillian Harris, Associate Professor of Dance
Temple University

Liora Lebowitz, Program Assistant

Annie Wilson, Choreographer

Jessica Elkayam, Assistant Professor of Philosophy; spouse of PAFA alumnus

Cindy DeLago, Physician and art student
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Heather Bowlan, Writer

Rana Fayez, YallaPunk
Founder and Director

Louis Mazza, Public School Art Educator
MFA Student, PAFA

Carolina Maugeri, Writer, Artist, Teacher
PAFA & Temple University

Kevin Hetzel, Artist/ Student

Stan Mir, Critic

Nancy Cooke, Artist

Jon Seidman, artist

Sid Rodríguez, Interactive Content Writer
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Gretchen Lai, Artist

Sarah Trad, Artist

Jotham Malavé Maldonado, Artist

Shelby Bergstresser, Graduate Student
University of the Arts

Colleen ODonnell, Artist

Ellen Mary Cronin, artist and mother

Sascha Newberg, Performer
Old City Sweethearts

Shayla-Vie Jenkins, artist & educator
University of the Arts

Shivon Love, Co-Director + Culinary Artist
Our Mothers' Kitchens

Chonté Hunt, Creative

Malkia Okech, Digital Producer, artist

Alex Walcroft, Musician, Artist

Evelyn Behrends, Independent contractor
Many around the city of philadelphia

Brittany De Nigris, Artist

Harlee Trautman, Artist

Caitlin Sullivan , Artist

Peter Helmis, Artist
Yankee Bluff

Dawn Ann Perez, Artist
Archedream For Humankind

Craig Scheihing, Founder
Big Mama’s Cinematheque

Michael Bell, Artist
R.S.M. Films Ltd

Allison Sims, Co-founder
Spillway Collective

Vernon Jordan, III, Teaching Artist, Filmmaker, Poet, Writer
Big Picture Alliance

Jon Weary, Artist

Caitlin M McLaughlin, Digital Content Producer
University of the Arts

Olivia Williams, Curator
Pilot Projects

Alexander Gaines, Los Angeles based Art Director

Betty Smithsonian, Organizer Producer And Clown
Free Fringe

Joanne Davidow, American

Melanie Romay, Administrative Assistant and Artist

Hilary Naiberk, Development Operations Manager
The Rosenbach

Jess Conda , Teaching Artist

Matthew Crump, Teaching Artist

Tess NcAndrew, Teacher

Jenna Pinchbeck, Artist
Actors Equity

Emily Arin, Singer-Songwriter

Jessica Meek, Creative Director

Aaron Amburgey, Activist

Julie Bare , Horticulturist

Lindsay McCormick, Artist

Ijeoma O. , Dr. Compliance Officer

Rebecca Schaffer , ATR-P

Zachary Poyatt, Musician & Educator
Settlement Music School

Victoria Ha, Watercolorist

Kelsey Rhodes, Development Assistant
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Miriam Gillman, Assistant Conservator of Paintings
Barnes Foundation

Carrie Ruddick, Artist

Marie Nadine Costello, Artist

Emma Ditnes, Artistic & Administrative Assistant
MacGuffin Theatre and Film Company

Luca Fontes, Artist, Student
University of Pennsylvania

Josh Zegans, Archivist and Registrar

Aimee Lin, artist

Christina Duan, Student

Dixie Normous, Photographer

Yoki Leung, Artist

Dawn Kramlich, Artist and Adjunct Professor

Ellen Santa Maria , PhD Student
Temple University

Hennah Iqbal, Finance Director

Chris Rathke, Artist
The Bantams

Phoebe Murer, artist

terrence walsh, writer

Christine Hippeli, ARTIST

Chelsea Thaler, Theater Artist; Filmmaker; Programming Intern
Philadelphia Film Festival

Chloe Johnson-Hyde, Student

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